Diary of an ADHD Widow

These diaries are my own views and Perpective on the life and times I live!

Mother of three children, two girls, one boy all equally similar and unique, whilst wonderful in many ways, there’s always a genetic dark side lurking to confuse and control, needing extreme parenting skills and creative planning!

We are the family full of hyperactivity so much so that even our immune systems over react at every opportunity making every part of life that little bit more interesting.

Life is often full of hospital visits and meltdowns, diet plans and poop calendars or my personal favourite sub/dislocating joints, with just a dash of swollen eyes !

Why name the blog the diary of an ADHD widow?
It’s an ironic statement because for every difficulty ADHD/ASD throws at us as a family, it has also brought as many gifts to over come them !

So this is me…

Most days trying to be superwoman, jack of all trades and not to throttle any unhelpful professionals !

20121110-070032 PM.jpg

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