What in the heck am I doing!!!

You know those days when u have an idea….. It’s a corker!

Ten years later the ‘cork’ is still sat nestled comfortably in the bottle… I hope we all have those, we all put ‘stuff’ off because life ( and cake) get in the way !

Queen of procrastination that’s me !

So I suppose I come to this blogging business humble as I am still here and disappointed because I forgot to do afew of the things I wanted!

My intention is to put that right and hopefully have a giggle along the way !

I have many challenges even consistently writing this will be one of them but I have a strange driving force!

Which leads somewhere to explaining the title – there’s a dry sense of irony to it as ADHD has been as much my saviour as a killer…..
And I honestly believe its a gift that just comes with curses šŸ˜‰


After yrs of cake and chocolate both of which I am a fan… well all food to be honest… I am both larger and more unfit than I wish to be so challenge one has to be to correct that…. But of course i have to make a performance out of it lol….

Challenge 1 – get off your ass and get fit!

The end goal…..
Afew yrs ago I fell pregnant with my son (he just turned 9) and for some insane reason I choose to run/walk/crawl the great Manchester run, six months, after I had him silly and hormonal as I was I didn’t train for it as (I know shake the head but honestly it’s female hormones) I thought the six plus miles a day I walked with a buggy and baby carrier would be ok, so barking flipping mad! Baby hormones are not the best thing to make decisions on but yes I finished it and yes it soooooo hurt the following day!!
I still walked to work with the kids and did my shift at preschool ! Pat on the back for me…
Anyway clever me… I set myself a personal goal that day to do it again before he was ten…..
Whoops! That’s next year… right !
Yup I will be doing that run but this time I need to train ALOT!!!!

Thankfully I have lovely friends willing to encourage me and some even volunteer to run it with me !

For that I am extremely grateful šŸ™‚


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