I am wonder woman……

“I am Wonder Woman – I wonder where I put my keys, I wonder where my money has gone, I wonder why I went upstairs… In fact, I just wonder why I wonder….” j. Robb fb/status

Pretty much describes my day on a regularly basis but that’s not a shocker !

Still having completed this weeks challenging schedule – 8 miles and 2 classes with no change to my day to day activities amazed there’s only a little swelling and achy ankles !

My rant for the week has to be, no matter how much I try or have a can do attitude there’s always some people out there willing to try and stop me, shame that they cant accept me for who I am and celebrate my determination, not that anyone who knows me honestly believes i would actually give a rats ass enough to stop … Mmmm unlikely !

But having said that, I have also met with afew shocked but very supportive friends who actually lift me up when clubby is annoying me!

The best thing I have had pointed out to me today was by one of my girls and that is that over this week I have basically done the 10k in pieces ! Just that statement alone was enough to keep me smiling for ages !!!!

Small things and all that… Although I am by no means racing or running like a pro I am doing it at my own pace and enjoying it ….

Call it my respite from the tears and Tandrums of an anxious mind, that’s not my mind I am not sure I have enough grey matter to be anxious any more…

Anyway in all it’s been a difficult emotional week but the challenge has given me something else to think about and time out from dealing with three amazing but ‘interesting’ kids…..

Shockingly I am looking forward to next week

10 miles and four classes …

But first In less than five hours I will be dressing up as a pokemon and enjoying festival fever !!!! Woohoo πŸ™‚
Little excited …..

20120818-115934 PM.jpg



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