20120820-102023 AM.jpg

Well after spending the week living on the edge of emotional meltdowns from the children and trying to meet my own challenges, I got the anxious eldest to sleep by allowing her to have my bed and caught some zzzzz at half two whilst she tossed and turn and shouted at me in her sleep ( i mean how dare i have a life away from her??? Doh… I forgot its my JOB lmao) before raising my tired legs outta bed at four thirty to spend 24 hrs boiling myself alive in a pika outfit at v festival …..

It was an epic day, my legs have bruises but my tired head is happy many thanks to Kung fu panda and the queen bee for making the day in Essex amazing !!!!

20120820-102818 AM.jpg

I may well have been alittle sizzled and giggled my way round whilst looking for Alan or was it steve !!

Lots of mad photos taken by random strangers!

Best camper van ever !

20120820-103053 AM.jpg

Happy daze!!!!!

20120821-083041 PM.jpg

20120821-083331 PM.jpg

20120821-083448 PM.jpg

20120821-083819 PM.jpg

20120821-083911 PM.jpg


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