One of those days…..

Well I failed to attend four classes, which was a big personal disappointment but i did start the day with an epic session that out did, the feeble attempt yesterday, no idea what the reason was but yesterday it was like starting over again but my feet have travelled ten miles…. Woohoo!

So clever little me takes the dog for another two mile hike and will do it again tomorrow !

Ok so it’s not two classes but it is two extra sessions and fourteen miles which appeases my guilt alittle and as this is a personal challenge it’s only me I have to please right???

Who would of thought I was such a task master??? Not so good at the whole Balanced life thing it seems

I have a friend…a Good friend who regularly tells me life is all about balance….

When your on top of the world there’s always a situation waiting to bring you crashing down…

So basically I am standing on a massive slippy see saw, which with my epic sense of balance has gotta be alittle tragic…

Ambulance on standby…..

It’s actually that crazy the same friend has lent me a fabulous balance board as standing up straight is challenge and that’s without alcohol or lifting one foot!!!

Well anyway

As much as I try and I really do…. Honestly I do… see the positives in all things….sometimes, it’s just not possible and rather than yell and scream, I would much rather hide under a bush and lick my wounds till I can refresh the outlook on the situation!

Honestly… I don’t believe in allowing such behaviour to persist beyond a single night or day it’s just not productive….

Something learnt from experience unfortunately so this evening is just … of those days !


Well besides the delightful three children I produced who are all suffering from that condition called “teenager” (read that in someone else’s blog and thought yeah that covers it..)

Like most of us I have a series of saboteurs who seem to believe in undermining, demoralising and critising all that I do!

And yes I realise I can ignore and move on which is what will happen in the morning but for now dreams of a hitman or jail sentence are amusing me 😉

But all I can Truely say in my defense is until you have walked in my shoes, seen,heard,lived it don’t tell me I am doing it wrong, dont bad mouth me to my kids or friends theres a reason i walk away from negative people..

because i choose to …

But i am capable of saying Like most people I am not flawless but I will always try my very best…

20120825-090804 PM.jpg


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