If wishes were dreams….

20120825-083203 PM.jpg

“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.” ~ Neil Armstrong

Its a shame that such an inspirational man has past away…..but can’t help believing there’s a man who surpassed so many people’s dreams and made an impression on so many lives what more can any of us ask…

Living life fully and without regret is as strong a reason to have a bucket list, challenge list or even a twilight plan because it doesn’t matter what we call it really just that we admit to ourselves we are still living still striving to experience new things and if we die trying to be happy, what more can we ask of ourselves.

What makes me happy??

Well I’m Not particularly a materialist…..

‘things’ have never really been important…

Don’t get me wrong I like nice stuff…

And I keep loads of junk and memorabilia for the kids … Shockingly inconsistent of me I know!!!

But I so want my kids to have happy memories and when your memory is impaired you need a key !

I like photographs, ticket stubs and pictures as a means to remember they can trigger the memory right down to the smell in the air ( not always good with children with ibs ) but you get my meaning !

Maybe it’s the arty type in me I don’t know but it’s lovely to see something beautiful even better to have created it 🙂 Which is why I enjoy making pretty things..

so I suppose eventually I will restart my family scrap book another challenge as so much of the early yrs have been “lost in the move ” Beths term for all we left behind when we moved out of the family home several years ago !
It was difficult to fit everything in one car load but we got through that and have managed to rebuild or start again, and on the horizon is a new car well new to me 🙂 quite an interesting few months to come I think…


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