The spoon thief …..

This article was brought to my attention by a twitter friend and I absolutely live the spoons theory!

It describes the way when you have an invisible illness, you need to make choices about how to get through each day.
Basically what and how to spend the energy allowance we have..,

For me personally, i am lucky, i believe as i only have to fight the endometriosis ( alittle flooding,a bipolar iron count, afew weird lumps a bit of discomfort….right ;-/ )
then some leg issues, clubby being the latest and it’s my ‘good’ leg!!!
Go figure!!
But some doctor said i wouldnt be walking at this age but i am damn sure ill be proving him wrong a great many years from now, and probably another reason this 10k is so important and attainable in my challenges….
Oh and a bright spark recogns the ADHD is from me 😉 no idea why ….,

Any way my kids… all three have an immune system and body that basically fights them!

Donation often contributed to their dad but its like the adhd on both sides i am sure!

We have good and bad times never know which one we are waking up
To or walking into at any point in time…

but when I read the spoons theory, i had to admit how hard it is to have auto immune conditions like so many do and then have mental health issues controlling those spoons too….

I mean if you have to wake up and decide what you can do but you can’t focus or remember what or how many spoons you have….
Mmm…. Difficult to see and do….

I suppose ADHD could be described as a spoon thief…..

Because I have lost count of the times I have been told that one of mine has completed a task but in fact half way through they got distracted and walked away but because they went to do the job they are one hundred percent sure they did it !
An typical Example is teeth brushing – went in the bathroom looked at the toothbrush realised needed the toilet did that first and forgot to brush teeth but because they looked and thought of the task they honestly think its done !

It’s difficult to explain unless you see or live with it, the level of frustration the games, a distracted brain plays with you and you home life !

Imagine then adding the extra conditions which affect your ability to function even down to every morsel that you eat, you or some one who cares, have to remember, focus! live it !

I have always believed for all that negative distraction and memory issues the positive is…., i believe, that they wouldnt cope with the illnesses the continued battles with eating.sleeping.itching.seeing.breathing etc…
without that extra drive,
the hyper activity,
the constant need for more all the time,
so I suppose I am more grateful than most for the hyper side to my guys !

And for all the inattention and issues that steal spoons, honestly believe the hyperactivity hands them back and afew others they stole from the tables of others !!

One of the reasons I tell my guys the ADHD is a gift …..

20120829-101300 PM.jpg

Maybe that’s just me…
as a mother, trying to find the positive in everything they have or do,
maybe it’s my way of appeasing a mothers guilt, for making three beautiful but interesting people who have these struggles people don’t see or understand!

Well back to reality after my musing, the long weekends rest….,,,
It has been decided today after a rubbish effort in class on tuesday and a weak evenings run, that….resting hurts as much as working through the pain, actually more!!!
strange i know but it honestly true!!!

Anyway one of my running buddies agrees
she said tonight ” no days off” it has to be the statement of the day especially as it was her birthday when we ran!!!! I want to point out here…. she is inspirational herself, as she also struggles with an invisible condition so I say go birthday girl…
proud of you !!!!
And me and your mum too, even, if us two look like we ran a small marathon before you break a sweat we both know how much it takes 🙂 thankyou !


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