Festival fever

20120917-112323 AM.jpg

Friday to Sunday disappeared in a flurry of festival fever and a kickboxing/dance lessons for the kids and running for me!

Arrived at the kickboxing club early so the girls could have their holistic treatments done with one of my running buddies who has a room in the club…

As clubs go I think we are spoilt alittle a purpose built dojo, coffee machine, bar, play area, sports and holistic therapist all on site 🙂

Definately not a complaint, I actually really like the whole set up and atmosphere so much I am there most days bar Sunday !

Whilst they had those treatments I went to fetch my son from his play date and take him and his friend to do the super circuit!

Middle one wouldn’t be doing the circuit as she looks so grey and hoping the treatment perks her up for the weekend 🙂

Eldest needs another session on Wednesday evening after class has warmed her muscle up there’s alway something to sort but they are worth it…

My run/walk/run app was hard as my legs felt like lead and the wind on the horrible(and it’s only small) hill made controlling my breathing really quite hard !

But we made it through Saying ouch along the way which I see as progress ….speaking and running was not possible three months ago 😉

Saturday started with a flurry of dance classes and a small meltdown before the trip to rugby festival !

20120918-081729 PM.jpg

My youngest did his first ever trio with to other boys !

It was epic

Although I think crash barriers may be required for the next time as they nearly crashed into the judges table when they did there knee slides !

Don’t think I could of been more proud watching him take on the older role and showing the younger boys the way 🙂

His sister did us all proud and danced her socks off again both in her solos, duets and trios !

20120918-031257 PM.jpg

I did some quick changes and recreated a hair do and attached the triple crown I made for another dancer and my eldest madly burnt disks for me!


It’s Monday and I have been up moving furniture since five thirty all in the hope of a new heating system which is currently being installed by some friendly gentlemen

My house and that’s every room is upside down and all over the shop as pipes and radiators go in and out !

I am really looking forward to tomorrow and putting everything back in place and getting back to some normality….

Okay so in our house it’s rarely normal but it’s the base 😉


Egg shells and fluffy!

20120914-090540 PM.jpg

Every day I wake from restless sleep wondering if the fidgety sleep,random rashes, discomfort, nose bleed, snoring or anxieties of the previous night will be a problem or if the text message before bed from a random ‘friend’ will have caused all out meltdown mode… Or could it just be that somewhere in the ether there’s a paranoid monster whispering in someone’s ear that everything is against them so I walk around on tiny egg shells awaiting the next meltdown or reaction to random substances !

I am enormously gratefully for every moment of every day, there’s no rash, nose bleed, meltdown, swelling, sneezing or coughing but mostly I am glad when they ‘feel’ able to cope !

But this week went downhill fast and the paranoia monster that sits on the shoulders whispering sweet nasties was in over drive!

We have names for things that cause us problems a way of coping with it all and the monster that sits there is called fluffy and fluffy can suffer my wrath as a mother because seriously if it was an entity I could touch I would have murdered it as It destructive power know no bounds !


20120914-031640 PM.jpg

Having noticed I forgot to post Sundays blog and this week has flown by in a flurry of hospitals, meetings, and house removals today has seen me put that right!

Again I missed the classes due to the kids manic prefestival/exam schedule but I actually arranged by emergency sitters all my runs and although today’s lead filled legs didn’t wanna know I still got through it with the help of great friends….:-)

We have discussed vest tops for running in which I aim to design next week ….

Watch this space for the design ideas !

We are the ‘we can do this!’ team

powered by stealth

for our individual charities ; Adhd solutions is mine a local based charity that provides training and support for families and schools in the Leicestershire area an invaluable team of coaches and volunteers who have helped my family in many ways!


And so the begging for donations begins …..

I have looked at the virgin just giving options online but have to wait for charity itself to confirm existence another waiting game… I will keep you posted 🙂

Task for next week four runs, two cross training sessions, house removals, general kids classes, two extra classes for kids, on dance exam, two fitness classes at stealth 🙂

In the meantime I still need to finish my house removals and attend two days of festival with both the littler ones !

Fingers crossed the swollen lipped slightly well not quite right middlee will feel better as since four dance sessions a rash and swollen throat she doesn’t look well 😦

still the autumn festival is usually accompanied by a chest infection and antibiotics I doubt this year will be too different!

Either way she will rock it this weekend!

20120914-090344 PM.jpg

New shoes and festivals

Well I made it to Friday only alittle bruised (sores on back of neck line, cheek bone and upper arm if only I knew how they got there ) and tired !

I increased my iron intake so my tongue healed and taste has returned best of all i managed a whole two run sessions this week without feeling like my inner lady bits where trying to give birth to a twelve pound elephant so all good on the endo front !

And the best part was I got my new shoes and adore them it was so bad that my son checked to see if I was wearing them to bed!!!!

I think maybe I went alittle over board when I first got them

20120914-072634 AM.jpg

So i ran the sessions this week even if I missed the classes in new shoes woohoo!

Then starts a weekend full of festivals and dance classes to drive to and from with the occassional creative activity to boot!

20120913-105057 PM.jpg

Having cleverly run a steady six run walk session with one of my running buddies on saturday, I remembered that the new tutu needed sewing up and the tutu had no headress to match …..whoops must do that right away!!


Way to go miss organised !!!!

What’s worse I had packed and sorted everything for the trip to the festival, in rugby, thinking i had it covered and just for once hadnt left anything to rush over!

Doh !

Well here’s where you would think, okay unpack the tutu and sort it nooooo not me!

last minute thing I’ll do it later ……

Sunday morning after creatively trying to make no hair look like lots i watched the middlee place fourth (whoop….whoop!) in her modern dance and then realised I still hadn’t done the tutu or head dress !

So I stay in the changing rooms sewing the back and making the above headress finishing with an hour and a half to spare …..

Typical me totally cracked it….

See the problem is how do you stop procrastination if you always succeed so well at it :/

Often wonder if I will still be last minute anne at eight five….

Still middlee held her own in the ballet section and looked stunning!

A quick trip to maccies to eat best Sunday food we had had in a while!

Followed by a late section, where she came second with her duet partner !

My Proud mummy moment then turned into a laughing fit as the lovely announcer who sounds remarkably like a bingo caller …..( number 15 that’s number 15 will definitely not be dancing that’s number 15 not dancing)
I kid you not… all I remember is something about trains and the hysterical laughter kept going for a bit, in my defense is its been a long week!!!

After that a jump in the car a drive to fetch the little one and his sister who spent the day at Thorpe park !

As I hit the road I received a text saying they were stuck in traffic, then another saying on m1 south of rugby

Pants !!!

We got on the m1 north of rugby and were heading straight for it ….

Longer night. Boo hiss

But no traffic we sailed home and got back easily in time !
( the traffic was in fact dinner easier not to ask why lie its so normal I actually find it weirdly amusing these days)

Waited till they arrived and tried not to vomit at the smell of my son as he closed my car door wearing no trousers and wet pants poor lad was so embarrassed, but the rides were epic and awesome his sister said !

showers all round snacks and bed with a cuddle to end a hectic week !

First days….and confirmation

Thursday and Friday marked the beginning of a new school year always something I tend to suffer through as it’s a stress point for two of my crew!

It has made me realise, the whole summer has flown by in a blurr of activity…

Camping… Surfing…. Sun…. Sea… And ice cream with yummy fudge 😀

Dance lessons… Kickboxing classes….
Running….. Raft building…. Wall climbing… Abseiling… Arts, crafts and general fun times with friends, not forgetting strawberry fields or v festival…. So plenty of tunes too!!!


To be honest the whole year has …

so anyway ….I started to do my mental yearly check list of what am I doing, where am I heading, how do i get there! Yes I do realise most people do this at new year but hey I’m messing with the trend!!!!

My conclusion is hardly startling as my eldest will be leaving for university in a few years, this challenge list is looking more dusty and in need of a kick up the ass..

So Big question is how to schedule the way through hospital appointments and general meltdowns to achieve something other than raising the next generation!

Answers on a postcard, email or texted appreciated !

To be fair no one has melted down at the start of school which is huge progress for all as change is a tipping point and I am very proud to say only minor grumbles so far!

Second week back and I actually only have one day not at the hospital :/

Routine appointments, new ones and assessments for treatment….

Monday brought a series of boo boos

Middle one – attends physio and makes both hips and knees ache but coped still attended classes and smiled through 🙂

Littlest fell over in or at school and grazes/ reacts to the grass / bruises his upper thigh and is generally out of sorts after his weekend away :/ lots of hugs needed

Biggest does her kicking class and pops hip out again, still less stressed than the last time 🙂 impressed by an improvement in resilience and reduction in anxiety based meltdown 🙂

All equals a Monday night of comfort food and chilling !!!

But no chance for a run actually couldn’t believe how desperately I missed it….

But for me everything was bouncing by bedtime because I secured my ticket to run in the Manchester 10 k !

So happy to have this chance to realise a goal I set nine yrs ago to repeat what i did 9 months after my son was born…

I don’t care that it hurts, that my legs dont work well, i am really unfit or that people can’t understand how important this is to me because it is ….

Oh the positivity …..

I was all jolly hockey sticks And determined to go murder my fabulous panda friends garden today, walk the pooch,finish scheduling for the next month and a half then take daughter to dietician and fetch son from school, give all three break, take eldest to help with preschool kickboxers, middle one to dance classes, pay dance bill, leave costume at dance, drop son at kickboxing lessons then do my own lessons before take two kickboxers home cooking their tea and then fetching middle one from dance cooking her tea and finishing emails and blogging !

But ………

Mum I forgot my……
Mum I need my ……
Dog throws up….
I need a ….
Let’s go do ……
Sorry it’s not open yet…..
Oh sorry the machine doesn’t work and neither does this one …..
Sorry ms Mcbride you’ve been refered to the wrong person and your daughter can’t be helped in this clinic please go home and we will refer you to someone else !
Mum I have no friends…..
Mum I don’t like ……
Mum my hip hurts….
Mum I don’t want too….
Mum I can’t it hurts ……
Mum why should I……
Can you guess it didn’t go to plan ….
Well two youngest did their classes the eldest was not ‘playing ball’ with the schedule ….

Got to kick boxing and son dropped his weapon and put a hole in his foot typical!!!! Its a graze really!

Then realised that the reason I felt like I had been kicked by a stable full of horses was because I am female and yet again that’s no fun !
So my total days achievement is that my tongue has split, my foot is fat, I want to throw up, my head hurts and just for a change I am dog tired…..
So need iron and a smile
What is it I am worrying about oh yeah I missed my class and that’s letting the plan down 😔

Still it’s a bright new Wednesday.
And picking myself and the kids up so we can get on with it mmmm that’s a talent lol