Egg shells and fluffy!

20120914-090540 PM.jpg

Every day I wake from restless sleep wondering if the fidgety sleep,random rashes, discomfort, nose bleed, snoring or anxieties of the previous night will be a problem or if the text message before bed from a random ‘friend’ will have caused all out meltdown mode… Or could it just be that somewhere in the ether there’s a paranoid monster whispering in someone’s ear that everything is against them so I walk around on tiny egg shells awaiting the next meltdown or reaction to random substances !

I am enormously gratefully for every moment of every day, there’s no rash, nose bleed, meltdown, swelling, sneezing or coughing but mostly I am glad when they ‘feel’ able to cope !

But this week went downhill fast and the paranoia monster that sits on the shoulders whispering sweet nasties was in over drive!

We have names for things that cause us problems a way of coping with it all and the monster that sits there is called fluffy and fluffy can suffer my wrath as a mother because seriously if it was an entity I could touch I would have murdered it as It destructive power know no bounds !


20120914-031640 PM.jpg

Having noticed I forgot to post Sundays blog and this week has flown by in a flurry of hospitals, meetings, and house removals today has seen me put that right!

Again I missed the classes due to the kids manic prefestival/exam schedule but I actually arranged by emergency sitters all my runs and although today’s lead filled legs didn’t wanna know I still got through it with the help of great friends….:-)

We have discussed vest tops for running in which I aim to design next week ….

Watch this space for the design ideas !

We are the ‘we can do this!’ team

powered by stealth

for our individual charities ; Adhd solutions is mine a local based charity that provides training and support for families and schools in the Leicestershire area an invaluable team of coaches and volunteers who have helped my family in many ways!

And so the begging for donations begins …..

I have looked at the virgin just giving options online but have to wait for charity itself to confirm existence another waiting game… I will keep you posted 🙂

Task for next week four runs, two cross training sessions, house removals, general kids classes, two extra classes for kids, on dance exam, two fitness classes at stealth 🙂

In the meantime I still need to finish my house removals and attend two days of festival with both the littler ones !

Fingers crossed the swollen lipped slightly well not quite right middlee will feel better as since four dance sessions a rash and swollen throat she doesn’t look well 😦

still the autumn festival is usually accompanied by a chest infection and antibiotics I doubt this year will be too different!

Either way she will rock it this weekend!

20120914-090344 PM.jpg


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