New shoes and festivals

Well I made it to Friday only alittle bruised (sores on back of neck line, cheek bone and upper arm if only I knew how they got there ) and tired !

I increased my iron intake so my tongue healed and taste has returned best of all i managed a whole two run sessions this week without feeling like my inner lady bits where trying to give birth to a twelve pound elephant so all good on the endo front !

And the best part was I got my new shoes and adore them it was so bad that my son checked to see if I was wearing them to bed!!!!

I think maybe I went alittle over board when I first got them

20120914-072634 AM.jpg

So i ran the sessions this week even if I missed the classes in new shoes woohoo!

Then starts a weekend full of festivals and dance classes to drive to and from with the occassional creative activity to boot!

20120913-105057 PM.jpg

Having cleverly run a steady six run walk session with one of my running buddies on saturday, I remembered that the new tutu needed sewing up and the tutu had no headress to match …..whoops must do that right away!!


Way to go miss organised !!!!

What’s worse I had packed and sorted everything for the trip to the festival, in rugby, thinking i had it covered and just for once hadnt left anything to rush over!

Doh !

Well here’s where you would think, okay unpack the tutu and sort it nooooo not me!

last minute thing I’ll do it later ……

Sunday morning after creatively trying to make no hair look like lots i watched the middlee place fourth (whoop….whoop!) in her modern dance and then realised I still hadn’t done the tutu or head dress !

So I stay in the changing rooms sewing the back and making the above headress finishing with an hour and a half to spare …..

Typical me totally cracked it….

See the problem is how do you stop procrastination if you always succeed so well at it :/

Often wonder if I will still be last minute anne at eight five….

Still middlee held her own in the ballet section and looked stunning!

A quick trip to maccies to eat best Sunday food we had had in a while!

Followed by a late section, where she came second with her duet partner !

My Proud mummy moment then turned into a laughing fit as the lovely announcer who sounds remarkably like a bingo caller …..( number 15 that’s number 15 will definitely not be dancing that’s number 15 not dancing)
I kid you not… all I remember is something about trains and the hysterical laughter kept going for a bit, in my defense is its been a long week!!!

After that a jump in the car a drive to fetch the little one and his sister who spent the day at Thorpe park !

As I hit the road I received a text saying they were stuck in traffic, then another saying on m1 south of rugby

Pants !!!

We got on the m1 north of rugby and were heading straight for it ….

Longer night. Boo hiss

But no traffic we sailed home and got back easily in time !
( the traffic was in fact dinner easier not to ask why lie its so normal I actually find it weirdly amusing these days)

Waited till they arrived and tried not to vomit at the smell of my son as he closed my car door wearing no trousers and wet pants poor lad was so embarrassed, but the rides were epic and awesome his sister said !

showers all round snacks and bed with a cuddle to end a hectic week !



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