Festival fever

20120917-112323 AM.jpg

Friday to Sunday disappeared in a flurry of festival fever and a kickboxing/dance lessons for the kids and running for me!

Arrived at the kickboxing club early so the girls could have their holistic treatments done with one of my running buddies who has a room in the club…

As clubs go I think we are spoilt alittle a purpose built dojo, coffee machine, bar, play area, sports and holistic therapist all on site πŸ™‚

Definately not a complaint, I actually really like the whole set up and atmosphere so much I am there most days bar Sunday !

Whilst they had those treatments I went to fetch my son from his play date and take him and his friend to do the super circuit!

Middle one wouldn’t be doing the circuit as she looks so grey and hoping the treatment perks her up for the weekend πŸ™‚

Eldest needs another session on Wednesday evening after class has warmed her muscle up there’s alway something to sort but they are worth it…

My run/walk/run app was hard as my legs felt like lead and the wind on the horrible(and it’s only small) hill made controlling my breathing really quite hard !

But we made it through Saying ouch along the way which I see as progress ….speaking and running was not possible three months ago πŸ˜‰

Saturday started with a flurry of dance classes and a small meltdown before the trip to rugby festival !

20120918-081729 PM.jpg

My youngest did his first ever trio with to other boys !

It was epic

Although I think crash barriers may be required for the next time as they nearly crashed into the judges table when they did there knee slides !

Don’t think I could of been more proud watching him take on the older role and showing the younger boys the way πŸ™‚

His sister did us all proud and danced her socks off again both in her solos, duets and trios !

20120918-031257 PM.jpg

I did some quick changes and recreated a hair do and attached the triple crown I made for another dancer and my eldest madly burnt disks for me!


It’s Monday and I have been up moving furniture since five thirty all in the hope of a new heating system which is currently being installed by some friendly gentlemen

My house and that’s every room is upside down and all over the shop as pipes and radiators go in and out !

I am really looking forward to tomorrow and putting everything back in place and getting back to some normality….

Okay so in our house it’s rarely normal but it’s the base πŸ˜‰


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