We are the ‘we can do team’ !!!

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Yup that’s us the

We can do it team

It started with my desperate need to prove I could again run the Manchester 10k before my youngest was ten …

A fabulous charity lost its funding….

And a strange ladies conversation which ending in three of us saying …

We can do it !

Three slightly unfit, non runners!!

Yeah of course we can


Well every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday we are doing exactly that!

And the group is growing people are coming to join us !

Yay they think we can too!

And happily it started with small sixty to ninety second interval training runs to this week five five minute run to two and half walk intervals !

We are officially half way….

So I suppose this post is a pat on the back and a huge thankyou to my running buddies who drag me through and keep me going !

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steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

So apt and fitting to today’s demo team practice !

I booked a thirty minute extra practice for My son to be able to focus on his timing with his sisters and be ready for the team practice !

Epic problem…

Well more than one if I am honest….

When sat encouraging the three candidates to focus and stay on task it doesn’t help to have a fifth body laughing at them and generally acting like a child but ignoring that for now …

They are unmedicated during the holidays, I personally believe it gives them time to recognise personal limits and practice control, without that support that could be removed at any point, due to the system of medication and differing opinions, in a safe and loving environment!

This being said its not easy for them..

And it’s

Safe to say….

staying focused and on task I an added challenge for three siblings let alone adhd kids !

Still in my opinion they tried !

Even with the unwelcome lecture on self control from the extra who showed very little ( leading by example is not always necessary it seems!)

And if it seems I am cross I am not, I find some people’s behaviour mildly amusing and feel children see the true irony, teachers and carers be warned !

Do as I say not as I do eventually bites you in the ass!!!

Anyway from me its a big woop woop to them they showed perseverance !!!



20121021-122611 PM.jpg
Most of these ache

Sitting here at four in the morning listening to the squealing limbs !

Wondering from the running ?

Or wearing the wrong trainers in the daytime ?

Either way it’s driving me crackers and the thought of doing my fourth training run this week is not fun!

Considering staying in and doing the training on the bike ! In fact I think it maybe essential!

So reminding myself of the tenets trying to enforce with the kids I been looking up the meaning !

Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy,[1] in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs

Wikipedia explanation.

Trying hard to remember as a parent leading by example is needed even if very difficult when trying to deal with your own personal issues and deflecting the many peer influences they have, most of whom have little clue what effect their attitude and behaviour has ….

So off to clean, drop off kids, train, cook and collect kids…

After all we are the we can do it team!

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50 shades of blue and the tale of the missing Pink compression socks


20121014-103743 AM.jpg

I have finally finished painting all three rooms but it’s safe to say I am fifty shades of blue and no doubt will be for the foreseeable future as the colours are to be similar up the stairs and hallway !

My hair has a bald cap of chalk blue texture paint with gloss white random tips which I have tried in vain so far to remove still streaks of blue are bound to show up on red hair !!!

Never mind all I can think is if I haven’t finished and atleast while I am climbing about on my plank to paint the stairs I will have a hat 🙂

With all the furniture and bits everywhere for the Decorating bug to disappear it seems to have eaten my neon pink socks :/

Compression socks my new favorite accessory,suggested by an internet friend have really changed the way clubby performs although it’s swollen again several times it’s better still clubby with a life of its own I am beginning to wonder if the swelling is endo related suppose I might not know anytime soon !

I have added a really brill post on compression socks that gives a reasonable view on the usage although at the moment I am seen sporting them most days which is great as long as I don’t lose them because I get distracted by something and shove them in the medicine cabinet

:-/ mystery solved no bug just dopey me again!



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It’s Wed after a morning at hospital it’s the quick turn around from school to demo team…

Whilst sat (yeah i know i could be running) waiting for demo team sessions to end i found this picture lurking in my File and it reminds me of the last three weeks of trying to help my son !

When trying to help with learning the tennets of his demo team I was having a regular senior moment and kept saying courage instead of courtesy…..

Yup poor soul has little hope if I keep helping !!!!

However In my defense it’s not my homework :-p

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20121010-042433 PM.jpg

20121010-042450 PM.jpg

The weekend brought two new yellow belts for my two youngest and the eldest suffering having popped her thumb out of joint !

With the normal dance rush, sleepover request and a never ending decorating job…. It flew by with a few marvel hero movies thrown in too

Monday ……..

This week I am suffering alittle again with clubby and the grumpies ….

The morning started so well everyone’s Monday includes A and E trip with a sprained an imbolised thumb for eldest and high temperature son, after two hours i felt like I was herding demented chickens!!!

Then dietician appointment Tuesday for eldest, which in their wisdom they decided to skin prick, allergy test her again and even with antihistamine she had a strong reaction to peanuts which is no suprise but for a parent alittle sad as it would be nice for her to ‘grow out of ‘ any I the things the medical profession suggests to her she might!
Still good news is that she hasn’t accumulated any other nuts yet 🙂
Small bonus !

20121010-043352 PM.jpg

Wednesday’s rush is all about same old school, work, hospital and school run followed by a trip to our local martial arts dojo for demo team training (just another thing the kids wanted to try out for)

I secretly ok not so secretly envy their ability to want, their drive to do, and their actual skill at achieving tasks that they set themselves !

20121010-043644 PM.jpg

I am of course a proud mom in the background always there waiting, driving or planning the logistics of having ago at all these activities! (usually the one looking weather worn and whacked lol)

20121010-043957 PM.jpg

I often get critism for rushing around for giving opportunities and forgetting to look out for me but I don’t get it everything the kids do or have done is a chance to improve on something I see that needs improvement, be it fitness, health, social or emotional well being everything has an impact is not my job to try ….

So explaining the reasons for choosing

martial arts…

I know everyone always thinks jackie chan, jet li and dare I say van-damme all blood, sweat and tears but although it has that aspect I see the RESPECT for oneself and others. Learning the ability to control oneself inside and outside the dojo!

Aptly put by…

The tennets of martial arts, used to remind students of how they should behave in class but also in life !

Self control
Indomitable spirit…

C.I.P.S.I. I can only hope that somewhere in all the rushing around they develop and understand the principles around this as a childcarer and parent I always had three rules

Respect and care for yourself
Respect and care for others
Respect and care for your environment

Which is pretty similar I think….

On that note off to run alittle and decorate some more whilst still herding the chickens!!

Blogging big ideas



Jeeze there’s not a normal person… I know your all weirdly unique and strangely similar in equal measure!
At some point the powers that be may see the futility of shoving beautiful individuals into to tidy boxes with matching tick box charts !!!

I live in a house with three adhd/atopic kids all have the same conditions but present in different ways yet in our house it’s normal to not sleep alot, wear random rashes or cramp till you cry !

I couldn’t tell you if any of them will definately perform in one way or another as I gave up expectation along time ago that and probably sanity!!!

Suppose one thing I always say to people when they ask about adhd is there’s only one consistent thing with the condition and that’s it’s inconsistency !!!!

But the best thing for any adhd child is acceptance and understanding of the condition I hope I have atleast tried to give that to my guys …..

And the belief that they really can do anything they want too if they want it enough and work hard !!!

Maybe time I practiced that some more too!!!