Learning stride,alignment, seeking patience and new socks

20121002-085504 PM.jpg

Been awhile I know ….

Lost my mojo with the new heating system, decorating and adhd kids meltdowns and mine !

Still need to decorate some more
Never plan to redecorate every room in one yr of a three storey house in two weeks impossible task !

I have a limit to my finances and my patience both of which are tested daily it would seem !

So I have attempted a cut back scheme and it’s not working so well but hey ho I suppose its typical !

So quick catch up – successfully managed to complete a two full weeks of week three by Saturday morning
(as we have almost triple the time allocated by the couch to ten k we decided to double up the weeks)
I was training six days last week, really impressed with myself but my legs protested on Sunday which is not a suprise but I was frustrated and stressed due to various silly niggles….

and two very late nights sat in a car park waiting…..

Joys of parenting!

Still sunday morning, bright and early,
I managed to get my new sofa and chairs in the galaxy and home
before racing to make my youngest into pika for his classical solo

20121002-075345 PM.jpg

Running alittle late due to the getting lost on the way home with the sofa !

But made it in time ….

He looked epic so proud and very very bouncy in a sweet happy way!
When he saw me he ran and jump up to hug me so love the way he does that ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday’s are a no meds day so concentration and control are more difficult made worse if one adds sugar lol but that’s another kettle of fish!

He failed to remember about 89% of the first solo and 11% of the second so basically a complete dance !

Still he tried to make it up and looked like he was happy….

fingers crossed the pika suit doesn’t make him forget it all next time!!!

although he went back with his father and proceeded to ploughed through a penaque post with his quad and managed to bruise his thigh !

Bless him not sure quad bikes and no helmet are they best idea !!!!

Still I had to laugh after jumping into a hug in the playground, then saying good bye to his grandma in the car park, he sat in the passenger side of car and as i was reversing out, whipped off his trousers to show me the bruise !
Talk about implusive lol…..

So Being a trooper he dressed ready for two hours of kickboxing (proud mum again) dropped his sister for a dance lesson and then went for the Monday night run !

Unfortunately without clean compression socks !

Essential for keeping clubby in trainers!

Stupidity stopped me from washing them after Saturdays run !!!

Old socks not impressed must get more washing and wearing one pair is hardly clever !!!


This time joined by Anne,Aisha and Nicola (who could run rings around me over and over ) still I dreaded it as I knew it was double the reps and half the recovery !

Determined to prove I could I actually did !!!!

Woohoo me might of hurt the shins but I did it ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy days


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