Foxy smells and wandering days

20121003-053806 PM.jpg

Walking the dog over the hill can be a lovely morning start up….

Or it can be a stinky mistake

Today was the later !

Wispa my chocolate lab chose to roll in three clumps of fox pooh, jump in a pond and chase after some cows !!!!!

She was uncharacteristically naughty this morning, I rarely need to shout at her or call her back but I am unsure what she thought she was playing at…

Maybe taking a leaf out of the kids book and checking to see how many buttons she could press and if they can push mum over the edge lol….

Running on Monday took its toll that and moving the piano, sofa, tables, beds and chairs around my calf muscles are screaming as clubby is due to swell!

But I did find some new running gear which Was an interesting shopping trip as when I asked for a larger size in a running item I was told well fat women don’t run !!!!!!

Big mistake!!!

So are you saying I don’t run???

Series of Spluttering and hmmm oh I didn’t mean that about you…laters and I am wondering if being this fat and grumpy how I didn’t lamp him one???

He survived ….. And weirdly I came away laughing at his sad little stereotyped world !!!

20121003-053923 PM.jpg

But I will maintain my female grumpies


But the whole situation reminded me of this fabulous ladies blog absolutely loved this entry …..

Sort of says it all really ….


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