Blogging big ideas


Jeeze there’s not a normal person… I know your all weirdly unique and strangely similar in equal measure!
At some point the powers that be may see the futility of shoving beautiful individuals into to tidy boxes with matching tick box charts !!!

I live in a house with three adhd/atopic kids all have the same conditions but present in different ways yet in our house it’s normal to not sleep alot, wear random rashes or cramp till you cry !

I couldn’t tell you if any of them will definately perform in one way or another as I gave up expectation along time ago that and probably sanity!!!

Suppose one thing I always say to people when they ask about adhd is there’s only one consistent thing with the condition and that’s it’s inconsistency !!!!

But the best thing for any adhd child is acceptance and understanding of the condition I hope I have atleast tried to give that to my guys …..

And the belief that they really can do anything they want too if they want it enough and work hard !!!

Maybe time I practiced that some more too!!!


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