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20121010-042450 PM.jpg

The weekend brought two new yellow belts for my two youngest and the eldest suffering having popped her thumb out of joint !

With the normal dance rush, sleepover request and a never ending decorating job…. It flew by with a few marvel hero movies thrown in too

Monday ……..

This week I am suffering alittle again with clubby and the grumpies ….

The morning started so well everyone’s Monday includes A and E trip with a sprained an imbolised thumb for eldest and high temperature son, after two hours i felt like I was herding demented chickens!!!

Then dietician appointment Tuesday for eldest, which in their wisdom they decided to skin prick, allergy test her again and even with antihistamine she had a strong reaction to peanuts which is no suprise but for a parent alittle sad as it would be nice for her to ‘grow out of ‘ any I the things the medical profession suggests to her she might!
Still good news is that she hasn’t accumulated any other nuts yet 🙂
Small bonus !

20121010-043352 PM.jpg

Wednesday’s rush is all about same old school, work, hospital and school run followed by a trip to our local martial arts dojo for demo team training (just another thing the kids wanted to try out for)

I secretly ok not so secretly envy their ability to want, their drive to do, and their actual skill at achieving tasks that they set themselves !

20121010-043644 PM.jpg

I am of course a proud mom in the background always there waiting, driving or planning the logistics of having ago at all these activities! (usually the one looking weather worn and whacked lol)

20121010-043957 PM.jpg

I often get critism for rushing around for giving opportunities and forgetting to look out for me but I don’t get it everything the kids do or have done is a chance to improve on something I see that needs improvement, be it fitness, health, social or emotional well being everything has an impact is not my job to try ….

So explaining the reasons for choosing

martial arts…

I know everyone always thinks jackie chan, jet li and dare I say van-damme all blood, sweat and tears but although it has that aspect I see the RESPECT for oneself and others. Learning the ability to control oneself inside and outside the dojo!

Aptly put by…

The tennets of martial arts, used to remind students of how they should behave in class but also in life !

Self control
Indomitable spirit…

C.I.P.S.I. I can only hope that somewhere in all the rushing around they develop and understand the principles around this as a childcarer and parent I always had three rules

Respect and care for yourself
Respect and care for others
Respect and care for your environment

Which is pretty similar I think….

On that note off to run alittle and decorate some more whilst still herding the chickens!!


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