steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

So apt and fitting to today’s demo team practice !

I booked a thirty minute extra practice for My son to be able to focus on his timing with his sisters and be ready for the team practice !

Epic problem…

Well more than one if I am honest….

When sat encouraging the three candidates to focus and stay on task it doesn’t help to have a fifth body laughing at them and generally acting like a child but ignoring that for now …

They are unmedicated during the holidays, I personally believe it gives them time to recognise personal limits and practice control, without that support that could be removed at any point, due to the system of medication and differing opinions, in a safe and loving environment!

This being said its not easy for them..

And it’s

Safe to say….

staying focused and on task I an added challenge for three siblings let alone adhd kids !

Still in my opinion they tried !

Even with the unwelcome lecture on self control from the extra who showed very little ( leading by example is not always necessary it seems!)

And if it seems I am cross I am not, I find some people’s behaviour mildly amusing and feel children see the true irony, teachers and carers be warned !

Do as I say not as I do eventually bites you in the ass!!!

Anyway from me its a big woop woop to them they showed perseverance !!!



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