Frosty mornings

Sat warming my hands on this before i start work …

wondering if I am the only weirdo that looks out on a frosty morning and thinks jack frost adds beauty in a drab world ……

I love the crisp white air…

Crunchy sounds as you walk through the grass….

20121130-093339 AM.jpg

And the excuse to drink hot chocolate for breakfast ….



Friendship, pride and random coffee

20121129-072916 PM.jpg

Friendship is a strong bond and the best friends are those that are there in the background with a smile and a hug or waving the pom poms when you achieve something !!!

I am lucky enough to have several of these πŸ™‚

They know who they are !

Today is another day I can wave Pom poms for special lady !

I am proud and excited at her news !

Recently several of my friends have made life changing decisions and I feel happy to watch

Inspiration for me if ever I needed it!

Victim vs Survivor

Getting over any long term relationship really takes time and effort especially if that relationship spiralled into domestic abuse due to drugs/drink or mental instability.

Those negative voices and sweetly laced critism that the survivor of abuse hears regularly.
that conditioning and torture,
it sits with a person even when they have gotten out and stayed out!
Emotional abuse is not considered a viable excuse yet it is the longest lasting bruise…

In fact they tend to do the abusers job for them repeating the same negative things to themselves following the same patterns !

There’s a program called the freedom program which helps the ppl involved, it identifies the characteristics of an abusive relationship and teaches people to recognise signs of the behaviour in a partner.

For some it works in helping them gain the confidence to leave others to stay away and occasionally to recognise that the behaviour itself is domestic violence. It is suprising how many people don’t realise the unhealthy practices are not normal !
Sometimes due to childhood conditioning by victim mothers who stay in similar relationships ! But even if they get out.
What’s worse is when kids are left over from an abusive relationship and getting out, means you can’t stay away from the tormentor
The court system is stuck in a -he said she said – rocky place so the kids continue to see the abusive parent who has not changed and continues the cycle using the children as a reason to torment their prey!

What’s worse is the image Obbessive dominator can charm the pants off most people and convince family, friends, schools and people, one would hope had a brain or to quote philip scofield three minutes on google, they are victims of lies yet they always fall down eventually and still climb up in status,by smoke screen and charm alone, the adage of coming up smelling of roses springs to mind!

20121122-030401 AM.jpg

Never sure when or if the legal and social service can stop all this by removing dominator characters from there roles an it’s a shame !

In all honesty isn’t the best thing we can do is educate, so why not run the freedom project in all schools as part of life skill set ?

I heard this quote
β€œTomorrow you promise yourself will be different, yet tomorrow is too often a repetition of today.”

― James T. McKay

Made me think of this situation and how to tackle the pressure of tomorrow when often challenges of yesterday are still there !

20121122-025253 AM.jpg

And for any survivor of abuse may your next minute or tomorrow, be that light bulb one, that accepts and allows you to have the courage to be you !

Be happy


Festival over and out…..

After four weekends of the good the bad and the ugly dancing, a dose of diva Tandrums, a fortnightly belly ache, swelling throats, sore skin and the cruel hurtful behaviour of a select few, the festival was survived!!!

A selection of medals taken home and the school trophy with our teacher πŸ™‚

No loss of hair and not many hair dos but it’s tainted with some real sadness…

20121126-040246 PM.jpg

My little man is giving up his dancing shoes for six months !

Really was sad to watch his last dance but tremendously proud that he stuck it out this long with all the peer influences and negative stuff he has had thrown at him ….

Sad that some people in this day and age are still such pathetic bigots !

I mean isn’t it a talent to celebrate and be proud of….

I know I am proud of all the activities my son tries to put such effort in and will support him in what he tells me chooses to do πŸ™‚

We also had to wave a sad good bye to the middle ones long standing duet and trio partner ….

Lots of medals shared this festival by these two and so sad to see them both sobbing at the end of an era…

20121128-072710 PM.jpg

They may not dance on stage together again but I am sure they will be friends for life ….

20121129-044758 PM.jpg

But the silver lining is never far away my eldest was told by her physio that dancing from an early age has help her with her hyper mobility and other conditions and asked why she left….
This is a picture of her several years ago during a short period of time when she was ok and before the the major lows we are still working through !

20121128-073432 PM.jpg

I was both shocked and very happy when she asked if she could dance again !

Although the logistical and political issues that may follow are not looked forward too….

The fact she feels able to take that step makes me hope this is another step in her recovery ….

With each festival there are highs and lows but hope for new motivation and wellness is epic!!!!

Braving it

20121123-095550 PM.jpg

Well after all the rain and four thirty wake up calls from screaming legs !
Everyone would call me mad
I was sure I could find a million and one reasons not to run
strapped myself up, took the kids to class, realised i really wanted to πŸ™‚

I was lucky as well because my running buddy came in having also had a ruff old week and said much the same πŸ™‚

So although I am ‘resting’ I cheated alittle and did another short run !

Yes it hurts

No I don’t enjoy the pain but I am sooooo proud of the effort we made and really do believe we can do this !

20121123-100323 PM.jpg

Raincoats and shivers

20121122-085310 PM.jpg

Having driven the temperamental kids all of whom threw a wobble after asking them to get going only to spend the whole while in class smiley and happy mmmm fickle bunch
but i need to get them over the change of schedule meltdown, they know they want to do it they say so regularly but its all abit much so i dug deep as screaming legs have frazzled me out and calmly removed phones or electronic equipment till they were

one were in the car


two behaved respectfully towards me!


staying calm in a war zone. πŸ˜‰

Whilst watching the smiles and giggles in class outside the heavens opened!

So driving home from class in the punto I was starting to think a boat would be more efficient !

Watching people dodge car track tidal waves is odd enough in a galaxy but when the waves are bigger than your roof you do wonder if getting home will actually be achieved !

I miss the galaxy not the cost or the breakdowns (although one of the AA men are pretty) but the comfort and feeling of safety!