The refurb project :-)

So this year has been about trying to get my home in order and on track alittle at a time!

When I left my ex I left with a car full of stuff and very little else because stuff was important to him and he needed it all!

So anyway….. in January I realised having started again begged borrowed and nearly refurnished a home I hadn’t managed to do more than exist and I wanted to have a home I am proud of …

So I began the complete refurb three storeys ten areas to decorate ….

the light is at the end of the tunnel and I am nearly there !

Being who I am I started with the kids rooms asking about themes and moving them out and doing a complete job from walls to laminate !

20121110-074057 AM.jpg
youngest daughters bubbles

20121110-074320 AM.jpg

Eldest’s goth style room

After blue bubbles and matching furniture to the goth styling I received a letter from my rental company informing me they needed to replace all the heating and the house would require redecorating again so the brakes went on !

Well nearly on !

20121110-075016 AM.jpg

20121110-075115 AM.jpg

Sons camo wall

And I moved nine wheels bins of soil and rubble from my mums house to my back yard to build a raised bed !

20121110-080843 AM.jpg

20121110-080902 AM.jpg

Still work to be done but moving all that with my own two hands has to be something and it did leave me with afew lumps and bumps !

20121110-080625 AM.jpg

20121110-080638 AM.jpg

Blisters and scraps from pulling the wheelie bins 🙂

Six months later the heating was finally done !

And the list began again

20121110-074744 AM.jpg

As you can see I have made progress and I am determined that the refurb will be complete before the chrimbo decks go up




  1. Looking good so far, do you write lists before you start everything? I’m an awful cheat and write my list, then as I finish a job if it wasn’t on it add it and cross it off as it makes me feel better ! Does this make me mad……

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