Things you do at four thirty

20121110-073005 AM.jpg

I have had a particularly bad flare this month and a week of rest is no fun but then neither is a cold/toothache in my bones which is what it feels like…

Fridays run came and I am glad to say I did it !

Not fast and less than my best but three interval sets done 🙂

In fairness I was out of it really for the rest of the evening and when 4.30 am arrived this morning yet again I woke up to creaky legs ….

You might know the feeling can’t get comfy curling up aches, straightening out hurts to change position and keeps aching!

Sitting up laying down I could go on but I think you get my drift !!!

restless in painful slowmo ….

Well I keep trying to get back off to sleep it never works for long, so I have started to wonder should I bother it just frustrates me more ????

Should I find something to distract my mind ???

I have after all sewn sequins or costumes till all hours it’s quiet and no one will notice surely!

It’s that restless mind the never enjoying staying still so that’s the new theory if I must be awake I may as well be busy at something… Right!

So hobby craft is going to be the new 4.30 pain relief !!!

Weirdly I am now having happy thoughts about using my time and pain to do something ??

20121110-073129 AM.jpg


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