Gloss paint and farts

20121112-085450 PM.jpg

Yesterday was full glossing my nemesis ! And having poorly girls sent home due to poorly throats and bellies ! so it was slow going even with alittle help !

20121113-073508 AM.jpg
Alot more on the floor than needed but the glossing is done !

As I sat down for tea the smell of gloss paint was over powered by the stench of the farts coming from my sore eldest!

I love her dearly but that girl can clear a room faster than the fire alarm !

Its a talent !

And Clear sign that she has definately eaten an irritant !

Middle one has over done the exercise at the weekend festival and now the swelling is coming down on her face and throat ! She doesn’t smell so bad either :/

Littlest has come home with his cough still but isn’t moaning about his tummy although twelve toilet trips and the hot body say different !

So tomorrow epic paint fest will begin with a trip to the gp!

And people wonder why it takes so long to decorate …..

20121113-074712 AM.jpg

I didn’t do it….

No honestly I didn’t !


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