Raincoats and shivers

20121122-085310 PM.jpg

Having driven the temperamental kids all of whom threw a wobble after asking them to get going only to spend the whole while in class smiley and happy mmmm fickle bunch
but i need to get them over the change of schedule meltdown, they know they want to do it they say so regularly but its all abit much so i dug deep as screaming legs have frazzled me out and calmly removed phones or electronic equipment till they were

one were in the car


two behaved respectfully towards me!


staying calm in a war zone. 😉

Whilst watching the smiles and giggles in class outside the heavens opened!

So driving home from class in the punto I was starting to think a boat would be more efficient !

Watching people dodge car track tidal waves is odd enough in a galaxy but when the waves are bigger than your roof you do wonder if getting home will actually be achieved !

I miss the galaxy not the cost or the breakdowns (although one of the AA men are pretty) but the comfort and feeling of safety!


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