Festival over and out…..

After four weekends of the good the bad and the ugly dancing, a dose of diva Tandrums, a fortnightly belly ache, swelling throats, sore skin and the cruel hurtful behaviour of a select few, the festival was survived!!!

A selection of medals taken home and the school trophy with our teacher πŸ™‚

No loss of hair and not many hair dos but it’s tainted with some real sadness…

20121126-040246 PM.jpg

My little man is giving up his dancing shoes for six months !

Really was sad to watch his last dance but tremendously proud that he stuck it out this long with all the peer influences and negative stuff he has had thrown at him ….

Sad that some people in this day and age are still such pathetic bigots !

I mean isn’t it a talent to celebrate and be proud of….

I know I am proud of all the activities my son tries to put such effort in and will support him in what he tells me chooses to do πŸ™‚

We also had to wave a sad good bye to the middle ones long standing duet and trio partner ….

Lots of medals shared this festival by these two and so sad to see them both sobbing at the end of an era…

20121128-072710 PM.jpg

They may not dance on stage together again but I am sure they will be friends for life ….

20121129-044758 PM.jpg

But the silver lining is never far away my eldest was told by her physio that dancing from an early age has help her with her hyper mobility and other conditions and asked why she left….
This is a picture of her several years ago during a short period of time when she was ok and before the the major lows we are still working through !

20121128-073432 PM.jpg

I was both shocked and very happy when she asked if she could dance again !

Although the logistical and political issues that may follow are not looked forward too….

The fact she feels able to take that step makes me hope this is another step in her recovery ….

With each festival there are highs and lows but hope for new motivation and wellness is epic!!!!


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