Brussels bellies and broken bums

Not one Brussels sprout has been suffered through this although my eldest weirdly loves them why I have no idea…. so you would hope the kids and I would be wind free …. Till yesterday I was possibly gloating at the lack of stench in our house an usual occurrence with three ibs suffers i can tell you but it began with the dog and cat doing the bottom frog chorus, their problem stealing dog food (the cat)and haribos (the dog)
Oooohhhh the joys !!!!
Double trouble….

But then myself and some of the troupes started complaining of icky bellies and the smell that surrounds my home this evening is as unpleasant as can be and probably more information than you need !

Still I thank the powers that be…….
smelly vision isn’t standard practice !!!

But to be fair, we are okay and still lightly humoured …

Although my nan the kids, great grandma has broken her bottom, a little, well a lot more seriously, as she is recovering from today’s hip surgery which fingers crossed went well today!

So as my tum grumbles on….. I will be amused by the fact even in times of extreme discomfort, my nana who is old school and able to battle on through so many things……having fallen outside the bingo hall and broken her hip (big ouch) is miffed not because she has well broken her bum nooo…. she was upset as before she fell she was feeling very lucky and was looking forward to a big win ….. Firmly believe that lady is born of strong bricks !!!!

Here’s hoping recovery is speedy 🙂


Warning may contain nuts….

Please explain the need to place the sentence

Warning may contain nuts…..

On a bag of …

yes …

you guessed it ….


Seriously are people really that stupid !

I have to say the daft things that I read in packaging I am surprised I haven’t died laughing in a shop !!

I wonder if they actually do it to alleviate the boredom of allergy families if they do ….

thanks I do find it hilarious to read that the contents of and egg and bacon sandwich contains actual egg !!!

Thank goodness I was worried it was fox pooh 😉

Seriously !


Something he ate….

Well it’s Thursday and my littlest arrived home with a headache hot body and the smell that well rotting corpses would be proud of…

His ibs symptoms are like this and vary in severity, so I am hoping it’s this (yes i do get the horrible irony in hoping its something i have seen and dealt with before) the bug that has been doing the rounds has been lasting a week not the nicest way to spend Christmas that’s for sure !!!

But he is up and visiting the loo as we speak so I hope it will be clear tomorrow…

I am my children’s mother……hear me roar

(Note to readers, this is a long rant sorry in advance!)

In light of recent events and the blog below I would like to point out I am raising my kids with adhd to live in this society but as themselves….

They have amazing potential!

I am Adam Lanza’s Mother

As the blogger stated with the correct help and support things would be better …..

With some understanding……

But unless you live it !

feel it !

experience it !

how can you know….

Society as a whole is unforgiving, lacking just a moment of empathy…
Selfish attitudes are encouraged and balance is not….

No one has the right to verbally of physically abuse another no matter how angry or frustrated they are….

No matter what condition or how it’s understood…

I don’t believe in telling my child that it’s not their fault they chose to do bad behaviour……

I believe in telling them I understand it’s difficult but it’s not impossible to put the brakes on and there’s no good enough excuse !!!

Responsibility and natural consequence…..

If its important and surviving in the real world is …..

you will find a way!!!

And I know mental health and social service professionals will roast me across the coals but either we teach our children to survive in reality or they will withdraw and we will have failed to do our best!

Not that I am saying I do it all right I don’t in fact like most families I practice the fishing method ……

I cast my offspring out give them opportunities allow them to make mistakes and then reel them back in again when they fail to abide by the rules ….

Repeated over and over till they understand them and they do!

In the end after about a thousand casts…

Recently I didn’t reel my eldest in soon enough and allowed her too much line ….

It takes alot of reeling in ….

But she is coming back

And she will have a greater understanding of her ability in the end…

In the meantime her Tandrums and frustrations will not be tolerated and she will have to deal with the consequences of her own actions….

I suppose my biggest fear would be what the blogger thinks she is raising

But I am

A great believer in self for filling ideals….

If we assume the worst it will be worse…

if we tell our kids they are faulty or not wired right they will see only the negative in their condition

Asd/adhd has produced some of the most intelligent forward thinking minds we know yet we only hear about those that have commited crimes or lost there way !

Sensationalist media out to seperate and insight fear to sell products !

Yet as an individual parent I encourage my children to admit and stand tall say they are adhd and proud because honestly I don’t want them ashamed and hiding a part of themselves because ignorant people read and listen to sales reps for trash……..

How can professionals and people see the positives in our kids if we have taught them to be ashamed and embarrassed?

If we are ashamed and embarrassed or scared of them and the negative Potential !

Don’t get me wrong the tantrums and vicious scary and it horrible to have to always be the bad cop but it comes back to that bigger picture

As parents zero tolerance to violence if sharp objects need to be hidden hide them if you can’t control them go learn to !

Control and restraint teachers are out there as are self protection courses !

If your child is psychotic then that’s not adhd alone it’s a different mental health problem that needs different meds but adhd doesn’t make them a psychotic murderer…..

Schools of thought on adhd

20121206-053131 PM.jpg

Three epic artists and three different views of the inside of a body speaks huge volumes to me

Establishing from this adhd exists!!!

what is it a condition….

A gift….

A disease…..

An executive function problem that if managed well can create amazing individuals….

Either way I know different I recognise normal and I am jealous

There are on google searches some distinct Theories on the origins of adhd….

Someone who I know from my childhood wrote this blog post… He is adhd and has fathered a mini adhd chap too…

I added this as I appreciated his struggle with diagnosis and the honest view of a professional….

I would like to point out my eldest was frustrated and wounded when she read the professional view point in black and white…..

There speaks a girl who seeks validation and acceptance from diagnosis…..

Her wishful thinking is how it should be ……

Adhd widows know this isn’t the case!


Theoretical stand points

The hunter/ farmer theories stating adhd individuals are genetic throw backs……


the Darwin/Dore theories of the evolution of thin, gifted and talented individuals…..

Correcting human mistakes of obese living by forcing the body to need to be active…..

Hyper focusing the mind on specific activities to allow the individual exclusive clarity in that subject so improvements can be made……

Enhancing the brain….
Evolving humans……

I prefer to believe even though those genetic improvements, bring difficulties and mistakes the end results are amazing…..

just look at the list of influential ppl and see how amazing adhd adults can be !

So for me being an Adhd widow means my after life is filled with clever quirky and bouncy people ……