Indomitable spirit

20121130-091205 PM.jpg

Well the kids are on the final stretch of their training to attempt to become a member of the clubs demo team ….

In fact only afew more testing sessions to go ….

It’s the home stretch !

I am really proud of the three of them for keeping going at this especially as when the clubs schedule changed they all weren’t sure what to do….

Their cousin didn’t see through the changes


which is a real shame cause there is a boy with some martial art talent


Not that mine don’t, best get that in quickly, i think it takes alot of effort for them, me and the instructors to keep motivated !

I am grateful we had demo team practices which stayed the same,
think that has seen them through !

Note to self though keep informed and be prepared for any changes…

I have been told there are not major plans to change the schedule at the club for a while other than adding the twf lessons which everyone is aware is coming as an option but they aren’t planning to hop on board yet !

So here’s hoping they pass the test



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