Parties,pj day and play acting!

Well it’s the December and the eldest has got antibiotics for an infection :-/ again !

And after a change in schedule this week, fully explained and planned, i have to add, has been pushing the boundaries abit, with time for resting and completing tasks 😦


her being more tired and missing a demo team practice and requiring consequences of a more severe nature


Honestly, I give three chances when i have given responsible opportunities or privileges but when she won’t….she won’t….

I look forward to the day she has to take full responsibility for her actions and understands that people don’t believe someone even when they are sore and poorly,( and she definitely is.) but when a person says they are ill, cant possibly move in the morning then bouncing and playing at a party and then on their phone half the night !

It’s obvious to everyone the problem is not so much the discomfort of the conditions but !


A lesson every teenager and adult learns at some point !

So yet again the phone and net privilege is removed till respect for boundaries is shown!

As a parent it’s horrible being the bad guy 😦 especially when you know your kids can be and are fabulous young people 🙂

And hopefully this time a new phone won’t be brought by someone to undermine the positive lesson being taught !

Still its December and what better way to celebrate than at a party with friends


20121202-064931 AM.jpg
After the first festive party of the season I took the two elves and their brother home to begin the traditional post festival Sunday pj day !

Don’t call

Don’t visit

Don’t ask me to do anything

Cause today I am wrapped in a duvet watching chrimbo movies and cuddling kids …..

(ok I might be sorting out and cleaning up alittle)

(puttting up chrimbo decorations)


(to be completely honest middle one has a party this evening so if anyone sees a random red head in slippers, pjs and a house coat driving around Leicestershire, don’t worry !
just dropping off or picking up)

Time for tea and cake

20121202-093144 AM.jpg


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