Minus what???

I know it’s winter and I know I love jack frosts picture perfect painting but icy paths are no fun !!!!

Rudolph nose has kindly moved on and the foggy head is clearing so a simple cold shouldn’t hold me back for long!!

My running buddy both mon and wed skidded in to the club and flatly said ….

No no and no to me dressed in running gear … Followed by your not serious !

I love her to bits she is my dose of sanity when my stubborn bites in ….

So not alot of training is happening ….
Really need to get the gym built quickly I think !

Or 10k may kill me although I did have a great convo about fundraising !

See the we can do it team want to raise funds for charity whilst achieving personal goals !

My charity of choice is ADHD solutions a small local charity who supports families and adults affected by this condition !

Anne charity is Brown dog teenage cancer also a local small charity !

Both have no just giving style pages…

Aisha charity is a large one For arthritis research !
This one does have Internet giving options but there are two problems with this !

One is like all big charities they have conditions to you raising funds – minimum amounts, large outlays to be seen in a supporting them tshirts and a generalised we are doing you a favour allowing you to be a fundraiser for us attitude!

Rightly or wrongly for me I think it makes it wrong!!!!

Maybe because I dislike being dictated too or maybe because giving to a charitable concern of your choice should be good positive experience not one were you feel fleeced!!!

The second problem is we all run in similar circles and to ask the same ppl three times for the same event is actually really rude so our decision to pool funds and split three ways seems fair to me and eases the pressure of fundraising alone I think!

So watch out for the team donate link 🙂


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