That blasted fluffy!!!!

You know when you sit beating yourself up mentally well that’s fluffy !!!!

Today my own fluffy is well in need of a massive diet and my body is tired and sore It’s difficult to struggle with the mojo when it gets like this !!

I know the reasons – parenting hostile, scared, poorly emotional teenagers,
worrying about safety and money all the usual suspects……

I suppose really I should give mysf a break, being so unfit takes time to fix, endo or clubby dont help but i still try and kids don’t think anything about wasting money that you just don’t have, maturity and consideration take time !

I suppose I knew I would need to work on the mojo as well as the body, I have done counselling for dv after leaving the ex, I have tried stress support !


When sitting at silly oclock with screaming limbs and wondering if the kids will ever appreciate what they have now and be the amazing ppl they can be with all their negative influences!

Is it worth it ?

Why does it matter what others think of your kids, or if they don’t believe or understand their abilities !

Why does it matter if i fail to be super human?

Why do I always feel responsible for other peoples actions?


i am trying to figure out what to change to make things easier to ease the stress …..

Magic capsule to cure adhd, allergies, intollerances,hyper mobility, hyperhydrosis, excema, anxiety, depression,self harming, Ibs, enuresis, raynards, or what other new title the powers that be give!!

Lottery win to pay off the debt left over from the exs selfishness, his personal bankruptcy and pay for the kids theraphy?

Time machine to get off the roller coaster before the loop de loop ?


Just do what I do

Sniffle In private,

Make poor jest and sarcastic comment in public,

Man up and get on with it !!!



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