Cheeky breakie and cheating

Yesterday was the start of Christmas decorating fun for me as my outlaw bro came over and helped me swap the furniture around !

The last of the major moving jobs to finish my refurb !

When u look back at when we first moved in to this house at 35

I was starting again no furniture no tv not alot of anything really ……

and now the house is like our own…

personalised with furniture in every room !

Proud of myself …..

There’s still a few minor touches to be done to finish of the refurb but it’s nearly there !

Happy daze….

So in my Christmas madness began ….

My sister is partly responsible for my insanity at Christmas as last yr she made my kids cheeky elves ….

They give the kids Christmas cheer tasks to do and hide at night making it a job to find them !!

It has been worse since my eldest built our tree with me !!!!

…..the elves attacked the fridge freezer after some face book inspiration ……

20121218-030525 PM.jpg

Really starting to worry me if the elf ish behaviour continues my home may be like Christmas in the north pole !!!



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