Schools of thought on adhd

20121206-053131 PM.jpg

Three epic artists and three different views of the inside of a body speaks huge volumes to me

Establishing from this adhd exists!!!

what is it a condition….

A gift….

A disease…..

An executive function problem that if managed well can create amazing individuals….

Either way I know different I recognise normal and I am jealous

There are on google searches some distinct Theories on the origins of adhd….

Someone who I know from my childhood wrote this blog post… He is adhd and has fathered a mini adhd chap too…

I added this as I appreciated his struggle with diagnosis and the honest view of a professional….

I would like to point out my eldest was frustrated and wounded when she read the professional view point in black and white…..

There speaks a girl who seeks validation and acceptance from diagnosis…..

Her wishful thinking is how it should be ……

Adhd widows know this isn’t the case!


Theoretical stand points

The hunter/ farmer theories stating adhd individuals are genetic throw backs……


the Darwin/Dore theories of the evolution of thin, gifted and talented individuals…..

Correcting human mistakes of obese living by forcing the body to need to be active…..

Hyper focusing the mind on specific activities to allow the individual exclusive clarity in that subject so improvements can be made……

Enhancing the brain….
Evolving humans……

I prefer to believe even though those genetic improvements, bring difficulties and mistakes the end results are amazing…..

just look at the list of influential ppl and see how amazing adhd adults can be !

So for me being an Adhd widow means my after life is filled with clever quirky and bouncy people ……


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