I am my children’s mother……hear me roar

(Note to readers, this is a long rant sorry in advance!)

In light of recent events and the blog below I would like to point out I am raising my kids with adhd to live in this society but as themselves….

They have amazing potential!

I am Adam Lanza’s Mother

As the blogger stated with the correct help and support things would be better …..

With some understanding……

But unless you live it !

feel it !

experience it !

how can you know….

Society as a whole is unforgiving, lacking just a moment of empathy…
Selfish attitudes are encouraged and balance is not….

No one has the right to verbally of physically abuse another no matter how angry or frustrated they are….

No matter what condition or how it’s understood…

I don’t believe in telling my child that it’s not their fault they chose to do bad behaviour……

I believe in telling them I understand it’s difficult but it’s not impossible to put the brakes on and there’s no good enough excuse !!!

Responsibility and natural consequence…..

If its important and surviving in the real world is …..

you will find a way!!!

And I know mental health and social service professionals will roast me across the coals but either we teach our children to survive in reality or they will withdraw and we will have failed to do our best!

Not that I am saying I do it all right I don’t in fact like most families I practice the fishing method ……

I cast my offspring out give them opportunities allow them to make mistakes and then reel them back in again when they fail to abide by the rules ….

Repeated over and over till they understand them and they do!

In the end after about a thousand casts…

Recently I didn’t reel my eldest in soon enough and allowed her too much line ….

It takes alot of reeling in ….

But she is coming back

And she will have a greater understanding of her ability in the end…

In the meantime her Tandrums and frustrations will not be tolerated and she will have to deal with the consequences of her own actions….

I suppose my biggest fear would be what the blogger thinks she is raising

But I am

A great believer in self for filling ideals….

If we assume the worst it will be worse…

if we tell our kids they are faulty or not wired right they will see only the negative in their condition

Asd/adhd has produced some of the most intelligent forward thinking minds we know yet we only hear about those that have commited crimes or lost there way !

Sensationalist media out to seperate and insight fear to sell products !

Yet as an individual parent I encourage my children to admit and stand tall say they are adhd and proud because honestly I don’t want them ashamed and hiding a part of themselves because ignorant people read and listen to sales reps for trash……..

How can professionals and people see the positives in our kids if we have taught them to be ashamed and embarrassed?

If we are ashamed and embarrassed or scared of them and the negative Potential !

Don’t get me wrong the tantrums and vicious scary and it horrible to have to always be the bad cop but it comes back to that bigger picture

As parents zero tolerance to violence if sharp objects need to be hidden hide them if you can’t control them go learn to !

Control and restraint teachers are out there as are self protection courses !

If your child is psychotic then that’s not adhd alone it’s a different mental health problem that needs different meds but adhd doesn’t make them a psychotic murderer…..


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