Brussels bellies and broken bums

Not one Brussels sprout has been suffered through this although my eldest weirdly loves them why I have no idea…. so you would hope the kids and I would be wind free …. Till yesterday I was possibly gloating at the lack of stench in our house an usual occurrence with three ibs suffers i can tell you but it began with the dog and cat doing the bottom frog chorus, their problem stealing dog food (the cat)and haribos (the dog)
Oooohhhh the joys !!!!
Double trouble….

But then myself and some of the troupes started complaining of icky bellies and the smell that surrounds my home this evening is as unpleasant as can be and probably more information than you need !

Still I thank the powers that be…….
smelly vision isn’t standard practice !!!

But to be fair, we are okay and still lightly humoured …

Although my nan the kids, great grandma has broken her bottom, a little, well a lot more seriously, as she is recovering from today’s hip surgery which fingers crossed went well today!

So as my tum grumbles on….. I will be amused by the fact even in times of extreme discomfort, my nana who is old school and able to battle on through so many things……having fallen outside the bingo hall and broken her hip (big ouch) is miffed not because she has well broken her bum nooo…. she was upset as before she fell she was feeling very lucky and was looking forward to a big win ….. Firmly believe that lady is born of strong bricks !!!!

Here’s hoping recovery is speedy šŸ™‚



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