Is it wrong to be proud

8mins no stops followed by walk and another 8 mins no stop yay !!!!! Enough said !

With the new yr comes the new challenges and I am determined to try….

So back to running each week and start attending the new yr mma classes

I am now on Thursday and two classes in one run missed, one run done, another class and another run to do !

After class I didn’t stretch out properly and I so can actually feel the reason I need to salute the sun or whatever, so with impending runs and classes I desperately searched for recovery of the old fart legs and thanks to the EVIL press up loving sensi my arms and shoulders are really sore!!!!

So a bacon buttie, bit of ice and heat the runners will survive

But Friday arrived


Having realised the press ups and sit ups will need alot of work, along with remembering a combination (omg I feel old) I tried every trick in the book to get away with not training on Friday thank god for the ladies I run with they encouraged me to go in and although I know I will hurt tomorrow I am pleased I did it đŸ™‚

And so another challenge begins …..


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