It’s Christmas :-) well it was Christmas and now it’s new year …..

20121222-083721 AM.jpg

The elves in our house got up to mischief this Christmas and decorated the fridge I think in a strike against the kids total lack of Christmas fun !

Maybe it’s age …..

Maybe it’s apathy …..

But we have elves to save the day who run around doing small Christmas spirit activities and suggesting the kids do too….

They came from my sisters clever Christmas spirit bag of tricks and I am grateful for the excuse …..

I love Christmas spirit

Not the alcohol

Just the whole idea that Christmas is about giving or showing people you care


Anyway regardless……..

None of the rascals were willing to help decorate the tree (eldest spread the white tree bits out though) or house …

Bah humbug!!!!!

20121222-084000 AM.jpg

It still got done 🙂

well some of it….


On to the giving and wrapping now

After baking sensi Craig’s birthday smasher cake …..

For his big old birthday bash…

We Can’t attend the party but I hope he enjoyed it …..

We set off for a quick trip to see my kids aunty in reading made possible by the lovely friends I have 🙂

It was only marred by the wonders of modern technology crashing as with entered reading central and the one way system !

So glad I have enough common sense to not follow a sat nav that says turn left where there’s no left turn !!!!

Still we survived !

Just …..

Although I may spend the rest of this year being told by my girls swearing at bus drivers in the fast lane is completely not motherly……

I try hard not to swear with the kids around…….

Epic failure caused by complete terror and utter frustration !

I mean what idiot drives two inches off someone’s bumper before pulling into the fast lane in a giant fully loaded bus !!!!

Especially as the terrible rain storms and reduced speed limit everyone else seemed to be managing to drive sensibly!

Mmmm can anyone tell I was a might bit miffed off!!!

Once there the outlaw aunt fed us till we could barely move

Literally all you hear is

Tea, cake,biscuit?

She’s is a wonderful hostess though, the girls an i enjoyed catching up 🙂

We spent the night in the premier inn in rooms that quite frankly were amazing I was so very impressed !

20121227-074058 AM.jpg

I told the girls a small fib because the eldests aversion to mornings and them in a room next door that they were to be up and out of the room by eight !

I spent the evening having a jack in the box moment or a hundred with the middle one popping in and out of my room the door keys caused alot of joy !

Still she was calm and happy in fact they both were 🙂

Shock horror by seven thirty both girls without stress or meltdowns were ready for breakfast!!!

Thanks to the hotel buffet breakfast both girls and I filled up with fuel and set off back to see the outlaw aunt again !

Before hitting the traffic to find our dog wispa who spent the evening with our friends 🙂

20121230-114832 PM.jpg

Next we collected the middle ones friend for the night and went home to bake smasher cakes for the emergency services !

20121230-115151 PM.jpg

A successful bake off with the girlies already for our drop off in the morning.

It’s been a tradition for the best part of 14 yrs to take gifts of thanks to the emergency services on Christmas eve and Easters good Friday to say thanks for looking after us.

A lovely family tradition at Christmas

20130101-085441 AM.jpg

20121230-115804 PM.jpg

20130101-085531 AM.jpg

20130101-085604 AM.jpg

It’s possible the fire fighter enjoyed smashing that cake almost as much as the kids do when they have a birthday 🙂

Our next tradition is well selfish or consumer/materialist I suppose but I like it we go and buy a set of new Pjs to spend the night and Christmas day
In, it seems the world went onesy mad as not one could be found in my size ;(

oh the shame 🙂

the disappointment 😀

it seems that someone knows I hate them and hide them all in wrapping paper for other people 🙂

To be fair I don’t hate them just have an aversion to the old memories they bring back…. Which i think the pika costume seems to have exercised most of those demons and I honestly would of brought one so the kids and I could have a onesy day 🙂

Before the rush home to get all pj and Christmas eve chocolatey we drove to the outlaw sister and bro in derby for a pizza party complete with present swapping !

Have to say it was a fab evening the kids love visiting its always bright and bubbly there 🙂

Strangely though we whisked away complete with a new dog ???

20130106-103138 PM.jpg

The outlaws ball of fluff needed a new home and someone we knew wanted a fluffy companion for her dog blossom !
Their temperaments seemed ideal so we crossed fingers and hoped Christmas day would bring happy doggies !!

The journey home with the outlaws dog and equipment felt really odd. Kind of calm and Christmassy, roads were quiet so the journey was quick 🙂

After settling the dog and troupes in their beds with new pjs and smiles finally lay down on my own bed and that it’s all done Christmas awwww feeling stuck me…. You know that mmmmm comfy relaxed feeling you get when you had a long day and you finally sit and take the first sip if your favourite drink 🙂

I call it a Happy Daze …..

As expected the littlest woke first and we all went to the living space to start the whole chrimbo thing presents and wrapping paper flying everywhere ooooo and awwww all over!!!

Me I was spoilt by everyone 🙂
My middle one especially she saved birthday and Christmas money and brought primarks pj dept I was so very impressed proud at her generosity x

After that came another family tradition which is – Around the world at christmas starting with the continental breakie 🙂

Pastries, meats, fruit, cheeses all the nicest I could find suitable for everyone 🙂

I like to say we all got dressed but that would be a lie we all dressed the dogs in Christmas decks and went for our Aussie lunch with our good friends and their family !

And our chance to cross doggie fingers!

Fluffy one arrived in style and happy
And I think it’s safe to say has made a friend in blossom 🙂

20130107-104526 AM.jpg

Good when a plan comes together 😉

So that was Christmas over !


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