This list needs to keep …Rolling rolling rolling……

It’s the list
Doesn’t matter if it’s a bucket of challenges as long as it keeps going

Restart home schedules program

use gym space

Take the kids to the cinema in pjs

Visit Yorkshire sculpture park

Visit the galleries

go to all the theme parks in this country

Go to lapland

Visit Disneyland

make RAKs a daily event

20121217-102239 PM.jpg

See the northern lights

see wild dolphins and whales swim

go to Lego land

Watch it’s a wonderful life with the kids

have a BBQ in the snow

Watch the sunset and sunrise by the sea

dance on the bar

Try ballet

have ago at pole dancing

dye hair pink

Visit the natural history museum

visit the Tate and Tate modern

Shave my head for charity

Ride on a Rockies trail

Take the kids on an air plane

Take the kids to the major cities of this country

Visit old stomping grounds and take pictures

Take a balloon ride and get over the ff

ride on a cable car again

Sculpt something for pleasure

sing in a group with an audience

get married

have kids

run Manchester 10k

Run the Manchester run again before Taylor is ten.

Make a snow angel with kids

Take a horse and carriage ride through somewhere beautiful on an crisp winters evening just to look at the scenery

Paddle in the Swale

Walk along the coastal path from Torquay to brixham

Swim fifty lengths without stopping

take up a martial art

Sing on a karaoke just once.

Complete my degree

Go and see degas little dancer again

try aqua aerobics

try yoga class

Try a Zumba lesson

try Pilates

have a go at surfing

body board

Go on real family holidays once a yr

watch a west end musical again

take the kids to see a London show

take the kids to the clothes show live

take the kids to a live music event

go to v festival

Go to download

take the kids camping

Redecorate the whole house

To run/crawl the London marathon just once.

Go on a horse trail holiday

visit Newquay

20121217-102105 PM.jpg

Visit Canada and see victoria falls

Roller skate down went worth road hill.

Do the nuts challenge

Make a sand snow man

Keep up the services drop off

Own a house Not a mortage

Learn to play a song on an instrument other than recorder

go to a Roller disco with the kids

Landscape a garden and completely replant it

Make a snow castle

Go to Pilates class regularly

do daily yoga stretch

own a dog

write a blog

foster kids

have my fortune told

Stop drinking coke

Eat better

Learn to cook Chinese flavours without the Allergy bits

Play a game of messy twister

take my first mma grading

run or gym regularly

Walk the wall of china

Take kids to three peaks challenge

For each one that comes off two should be added πŸ˜€



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