Inattentive and implusive

It was the middlest ones parents evening tonight and she is performing well achieving her targets and in some cases exceeding them with the exception of two classes which she dislikes the class and teacher so to prevent a complete shut down we have designed some interventions to help one included moving classes !
I was however shocked at the lack of knowledge and understanding of adhd itself especially the inattentive and impulsive tendencies! Not surprising that children struggle if teachers do not even realise your child has it because they don’t disrupt the class enough ! I know I should be thrilled she is doing well but when you sit and listen to each teacher say she over talks, lacks concentration, constant focus and is easily distracted you wonder as they are describing the classic traits why they don’t think and then they answer…. Well we are use to dealing with children who are more extreme! So because she isn’t throwing chairs or violent its not adhd mmmmmm well let’s see about that!


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