Improvement is slow…..

As the road running isn’t happening, the gym is under construction πŸ™‚ the mma fitness classes are the warmest solution!!

So far it’s baby steps….

I have to admit I am very disappoint, its not like riding a bike, it doesn’t just all come flashing back, in fact it’s like I have never done any of it before 😦

After the first few classes, I was really frustrated that there’s just no muscle memory, in fatness no muscle either and simple three step combinations are a challenge, press ups are my personal excuse to face plant the floor exercise, where as sit ups are a ridiculous show of huffing !

After few more the combinations and remembering them feels less traumatic although still a challenge especially as they progress past three to nine and I need to think guard up! This stance to that stance, faster faster more force …..
I mean me and co ordnination on the upper and lower half of my body are not well known the trauma of spotty dog in aqua aerobics is still with me, like patting head and rubbing tummy easy for some a giggle for others!
Still I mastered three and its moving forward, I can do it,I know I can πŸ™‚

The situps are improving the engaging method from a fitness class I took upstairs before christmas seems to have stuck in my head and I think a small improvement has been made three full sit ups and a bevy of halves mixed with more full ones is a large improvement on going nowhere πŸ™‚

Big challenge I am not sure how to solve(practice,practice, practice blurrrrr) the press up issue I know practice is working for the rest but how do I solve the Wrists that creak and give way whilst the legs and back are fighting their own battle, I don’t want to strap them up as most lessons my knees and ankles are mummified if I strap them too I’ll be a Halloween reject πŸ˜‰
I suppose I know I could at home and see if that works better build it up and all that! Mmmmm maybe …..
I think the petulant teenager in me is stamping her feet and yelling noooo!!!!
I don’t like them, I hate doing them and I oh I think of some more reasons !!!

I have been too…I think three weeks of classes now, in the downstairs in the dojo, For the most part enjoyed the brain and body torture. I have had afew things to think about, overcome and many more to come I am sure but I will get there I can’t see me grading anytime but if I get the fitness in that is the important part πŸ™‚


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