Dryathletics and free February

So it’s feb and my personal short challenge for the whole of january was to support my good friend in giving up alcohol for charity but as I rarely drink, I promised to stop drinking coke…..

Anyone who knows me knows it’s a hard thing to ask I would drink little else given a choice last yr !!!

Still solidarity and all that !!!

I prepared myself in December by drinking full fat all month as I got withdrawal symptoms from the sweetners and caffeine last time i tried to stop altogether (yes I realise this should of told me something earlier) and the Internet research suggested this would help (also helped add several pounds) !

Anyway throughout January not one taste of coke has been had do I miss it….no but maybe the idea it was my treat.

I had become reliant on the fake contents of a can and I don’t want that don’t get me wrong I will still drink coffee and tea but that habit was not needed neither are they at all but in moderation they will stay ….

In actual fact today is the first day I could have some and I don’t want too …. 😀

Small challenges can boost the larger ones so whats February’s, well sensi Steve has to do free February- no cake, sweets, grains etc so I am going to join alittle – no cake, chocolate, biscuits,sweets, and for my son no wheat or eggs ! And still no coke!

Wish me luck


20130201-010345 PM.jpg


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