The build up so far

It’s been an interesting few months with the realisation that I am so seriously unfit, try as i might, my body is well built for comfort not running!

So with fits and starts i have been very slowly building up to the whole jogging running thing !

My best excuse yet is that i have ‘fat foot syndrome’ (completely fake condition no known cure ) or ‘clubby’ as I like to call it !

20120815-082846 PM.jpg
Attractive isn’t it???

But looks like I am stuck with it and having read a funny post that says if you have an injury or unknown lump /swelling if you name it it seems less scary I have named it clubby surprisingly it does help!
Go figure….

Anyway for those of you that have been thinking why is she doing this exercise stuff with a foot injury I will explain.

I have spent several months – resting elevating (yawn) and testing for the reasons why one foot swells randomly as yet to no avail and as it only generally hurts when the swelling goes down or I am wearing the ‘suggested’compression bandages (can you tell I am a big fan!!)

no one has answers, other than telling me to reduce my stress ( absolutely rolling on the floor laughing at that one!) and lead a healthier lifestyle!

please note- I drink…rarely, smoked a while back not now, love coffee and cake, whilst i have hectic life, not alot of that will change cause i love my kids and my coffee ….so sitting on my bum waiting around isn’t my style…
With all that in mind.
I have kind of decided i can ignore it awhile till some clever bean, figures it out and hopefully be a little healthier in the process!

Hardly rock science and Nurofen fast action is a fabulous shade of red 😉 happy daze!!!!

So with a dose of my favourite colour co ordinated pills and the most unattractive school girl white compression socks I have taken to a run walk run walk crawl run walk hobble style it really is all very funny looking from the outside i am sure…so anyway for the 4 weeks I have done small circuits to build up…then
Last week I totalled 5miles and normal life stuff..
This week I am aiming for 8 miles and two kickboxing classes, i am 3 1/2 miles in and 1 class down !
(The kickboxing is challenge 1 mark 2 we will get to that later….)
Next week it’s ten miles and four classes !!! Eeek!!

One of the reasons I have up graded my training so quick is because Nikki who taught my class on Tuesday has been running a monster 70 miles a week for just part of her personal challenge to gain her black belt with the club, I am in awe and totally dumbstruck by her ability and determination… It’s been hard for her and she asked members of the club to join her and run/walk a step above their comfort Zone so this week and next I am up grading faster than I planned but happy to do it and show support 🙂

Final things I have been trying to organise are better trainers, a just giving style link for the charity I am running for,normal life and a tardis to fit all the things I want to do in a day in 🙂
Wish me luck !!!!


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