Meltdowns of my own

There are good days and bad in any relationship ….

Teenagers are cruel at times to each other, themselves and family….

A child trying to become an adult often fights the system only to achieve less of what they want their lives are filled with anger at having to conform to parental rules and societal norms !

Yet as an adult we all know when they actually are mature is in fact when they accept that rules are there for a reason and life doesn’t revolve around wanting it all, every action has a reaction !

As a parent I am meant to guide my child towards making good choices to see a bigger picture and a future. When a children lacks hindsight and foresight. Due to immaturity or executive Function impairment it takes longer for them to reach the maturity and with each milestone age comes an expectation that the young adult can function within society without support !

So what does a parent do when their children is given the opportunities to make their choices, take responsibility for their own actions, stretch their wings and how long or often do you watch them fail to complete basic care for themselves and are attacking everyone around them 😦

To watch someone you love and care for self harm, be that refusal to take medication or dig holes in their body, to know their esteem is so low they appear to hate everything and everyone around them including themselves is such a hard task!


Trying to be positive around a person that attacks you verbally daily! Tells you they hate you or says they don’t feel loved because you ask, encourage and enforce basic rules or basic care requirements ! They have given up on living and need to hurt you to feel better ! So u fight to show life is worth living you try everyday to encourage and enforce good life skills but it’s a battle ground and nothing gets through !!!
Councillors fail
Schools fail
Picking up the pieces everyday
Where do u go ?
who helps ?

Support the parents that live in a battleground because some days are tuff!



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