Calling house come in doctor house!!!!

As expected my trip to the doctors came with the sorry I have no idea why your foot randomly swells after all the tests nothing is conclusive,
It could be….
It might be…
Ur ermmmm …..
My best guess is !!!
(feels like I need a drum roll)
Arthritis some form of it probably!!!

Well that clears that up !

So best we can do for now is treat the symptoms and monitor it ( you mean like I have been doing this year !)

As for the rest…

Dizzy spells, weight gain, constant thirst,sweating, etc ….

no idea I suggest you carry on as you are, some people can eat a lettuce leaf and put on weight it just means they need half a lettuce leaf!!

Remind me again five hundred calories a day is good ???

It’s okay you can be fat and fit 😉

And your doing so well considering all you have to deal with, keep a diary and note any triggers come back if anything new or dramatic happens !

Clear as mud then ……

Still I can walk and talk the new pain killers will ease the ouch and I carry on filling in food diaries !

Thinking of which wheat free appears to be working on some bloating and discomfort and is emptying the bank too 😉

Here’s hoping all this free February is worth it 😉

In the mean time I feel a call to doctor house is needed so I can bask In his superior sarcasm !

20130212-112349 PM.jpg


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