Doctors for me for a change

Today I have my last appointment I hope with the gp about clubby … The last because I really don’t see the point in going back and forth only to be told they don’t know or understand why it is randomly swelling that came with too flu like sessions and since then my knees ankles hips shoulders and other joints ache like toothache !

It doesnt change that I am getting fitter (aided by pain relief).

it doesn’t help the stress load I carry with three kids with adhd and other issues.

So far they have no answers just suggestions so…

All visiting the doctors has achieved is make my realise my mortality and my bodies weakness, so since these regular bouts, I have changed lifestyle and diet but lost no weight and not changed shape đŸ˜¦ but I can feel the difference in my snail pace running and classes so something is happening ! Even if it’s fitness that’s better than nothing !

To be fair the doctors have said many things over the years and have been proven wrong by what was expecte wheelchair user!

Although I would like a better idea of what I am managing I actually don’t expect one anymore….


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