Narnia and broken promises in search of control

No training run yesterday ….
No pancakes either ….
But hopefully the delivery of new gym machines will help prevent the stop on training…
But I still love the snow ….
I think it’s because I am a visual creative person that added beauty just always appeals πŸ™‚
At the top of one of our roads ther are trees on either side that over hang at a height that causes no issue to traffic but as you turn in its like an archway and with snow dusted on the branches it’s like a magical narnia entrance or exit who knows but every time the beauty of it makes me smile πŸ™‚

It’s half term here and I have had to keep plans very simple due to the recent and frequent breakdowns that one of mine keeps having today we have another trip to visit a councillor in fact it’s the last trip as this one feels under qualified and unable to support the complex needs, which from my perspective is not so helpful… I mean try living it daily !

A good friend with a similar household sent me this link and asked if it sounded familiar !

It does !

What are my unreasonable ‘demands’
To get up, take medicine with a drink, get dressed, take care of personal hygiene and body needs…….
Just the basics !

Still I suppose I should be grateful atleast today it’s okay for me to breathe ATM πŸ˜‰

Some days it’s difficult to find the positives to pick myself up believe in what I do but I try and I try torrent others with kindness

20130213-125454 PM.jpg


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