Yesterday was….

One of those days when being a hermit sounded like a great plan ….

All my trust anxiety and frustration was on overload ….

Many reasons,all the normal stuff but mostly because a good friends and family got let down by someone I’ve trusted and tried to support, and I am wondering if my anger and disappointment is with them or myself ..

Or those that still can’t see through the veneer….

And I realise it’s my Sense of responsibility to those I am close to and disappointment at myself for not seeing through the veneer earlier that sparks such a angry response at myself ….

So having processed all this I have begun putting right the problems for those I care about (as much I can) and calmly tried to distance myself alittle from those still involved !

Till atleast I get past the reactive, I want to throttle and shake ppl stage lol…


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