Lazy blogging and crisis of confidence…..

What do people really want to know about well life, mine the kids ….

Anything or nothing ?

According to the stats the most popular stuff has been my refurb and pikas random outing….

So what should I write or should I be openly writing at all….

I read an interesting blog some months ago about blogging mums and couldn’t For the life of me remember where I saved the link too….it was saying how we lack consideration for the feelings of our children when we make our lives public by blogging !

Which in turn has made blogging a difficult choice, do I be honest and open about how things are or is that unfair …..

I am still debating it …..

As a mum I am very aware there’s little I can do to stop my teenagers considering me an embarrassment,annoyance, bank or taxi!!!

So for a while a stopped blogging anything much or so i thought (drafts are being auto published) I have been well not so happy or positive !

Thanks to those who have stuck with it and me through my motivational dip!

20130327-084222 PM.jpg


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