New colours

That’s right the ladies of the we can do it team earnt their belts ….

Annie and myself will be sporting white/red colours as of Monday


And the amazing Aisha a beautiful well earnt orange !

We have had amazing support to complete this grading all of us struggling with our own little ‘demons’
But we made it !!!

20130407-013104 PM.jpg

So where next?

There’s a long road to go if I choose to up grade that challenge but as yet I havent made that commitment …..

It might be because it’s such a long way….

Could be a self belief thing as sensei thinks ……

Or maybe I just need time …..

I don’t believe I lack all confidence, I am however highly aware of my own balance, co ordination,memory and health issues !

The need to probably do four times the amount of classes in order to remember something new is not a lack of confidence it is knowledge of my ability level !

I not saying I won’t grade again …..

I am saying I will take each decision, each grading as a single goal….

A next step for me without thinking about the end game!!!

For the next five weeks my main focus will be running !!!

20130407-014853 PM.jpg


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