Pondering the meaning of life…. Whilst wandering…..

So it’s the start of another week and the second thing I see is a pile of poop….. Yup that about covers it!!!!

Seems like that’s pretty much describes a lot of things around here !

I am at the end of my rope there’s no more patience……

When the parent starts melting down from constant put downs, attitude, refusal to co-operate in any mundane task, willful breakages, accidents, illnesses, expenses and judgement…
What can u do….

Earlier today I sat in my car I didn’t want to go in my own home as I don’t feel welcomed or cared about there and I know I am the adult, I should rise above it, be strong, show consistency and lead by example…. But I am tired and a little lost….

Right now I am sitting alone snivelling into my pillow wondering….

how many years of trying I have done and it doesn’t seem to have helped anyone….

Nurture can’t fight nature….

Not sure what tonight or tomorrow holds not sure I wanna know !

As I listen to the eldest winding up the animals and being loud and difficult I am ignoring her on the basis!

I can’t deal….

I am not a robot…..

Suppose it’s hormone fueled moaning really …..

Feeling proper sorry for my self !

Wallowing !

I’ll get over it maybe I’ll be better for it? Give myself time to grieve for the hours of lost time, abuse and self respect given to parenting children with addition needs…..

Nope I’ll go sort her out so at least some of us get some rest tonight….

Let’s hope tomorrow is another day and it comes with sunshine and lollipops!



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