Loathsome Monday


Mondays are a transition day every parent of a spectrum child knows they’ll be good days and bad days but transition days they suck!!!

School starts so anxiety flows !

This Monday is no different to any other!

So anyone living the spectrum transition day

I salute you !!!>


Mother’s Day


Beautiful yellow roses , purple tulips and chocolate for Mother’s Day 🙂



As with all mothers days the path of sunshine and duvet days never run smoothly !

After a breakfast, a bedroom flood and a triple bathroom leak, which resulted in half the day cleaning up, a visit from the plumber and a very damp laptop !

I could of and the kids could of, had major meltdowns but instead we settled back to a duvet evening with movies and puppy cuddles 😀

Happy Mother’s Day


Sitting on the fence

I say I sit on the fence mostly ’cause in all honesty I don’t think I do neurotypical(Nts) children, all of mine and nieces and nephews are bundles of spectrum loveliness.

In fact even when working in early years and out of school it was rare to meet these strange Nts mostly because those that came to me needed my hyperactivity quirk friendly environment.

But I do know them, I definitely met their parents mostly whilst looking up as they stare down their noses at the quirky ways.

I suppose there’s a hint of hostility or jealously on my part because it’s easy to think the grass is greener elsewhere.


Recently I was introduced via autism daddy
To a mommy blogger full of abbreviated sentences and shit, Effinautism blogger, who has both an nt and asd boy, actually provides positivity and love for their individual quirks, but in greener grass and fences and shit she hit the nail on the head on this whole everyone else has it better or easier.

So Less looking for greener pastures more appreciation of my own.

I will be the first to admit my quirks aren’t dissimilar to the kids, so I don’t know any different, this is reality and the people who visit or enter are world either get it and stay, don’t and leave.


Our home is full of labels and lists, strategies, coping tactics and visual aides.



It’s been said I don’t parent like other people but I don’t know another way neither Nts or spectrum children come with a manual so I am making it up as I go and hoping for the best like the rest of us !

If pastures are greener or easier so be it, they aren’t my grazing land so I’ll sit on the fence and observe. And keep mowing my own lawn. >

Not just a wheelchair

The artist Lauren Reis represents the internal struggles www.laurenreis.co.uk the simplicity of the image and words are beautiful, haunting and really focuses on the invisible nature of mental health disability.


Both of these haunting images are produced on behalf of the sane charity provides support to those struggling with mental health


I wouldn’t call it poetry….


I am a mother,
My life is a mess,
My tired is tired,
My head and my heart are heavy,
I fear for the future,
But I don’t need saving, or fixing,
soul searching,or quick fix pills.
I need Understanding, support
And words of encouragement,
The occasional hug, a smile,
a brew,
Or a mid afternoon snooze,
Maybe an evening off,
To be just a person.

I am a mother,
Choices were made,
Angels created,
I don’t need saving, or pity.
Single parenting not something
I planned,
The Cinderella roller coaster,
Didn’t compare,
to Disney’s stories’ imagined.
So Money is tight,
Child support just a joke,
The consequences of breeding,
Of believing,
Merely a joke!


I am a mother,
My children amaze me,
They pick themselves up,
Hold their heads really high,
Surpass many goals.
But People are cruel,
They lack understanding,
Our issues or troubles,
Merely words to hear,
Gossip to spread.
I wonder if they walked a step,
In our shoes,
They see us as people,
Not a drain,
To be labelled or ignored.

I am a mother,
My children are special,
They need my time more than most,
Now Life isn’t easy,
My tired is tired,
My body is failing,
I fear for the future.
But I don’t need saving,
Understanding is all,
And less judgement
Or fight.
Inclusion without begging,
Schooling should be,
The best time of your life,
Just a walk In the park.

I am a mother
I work every day
To help the next generation
Be all they can be
So give me a smile
The next time you see
Because my tired is tired
And your smile
Means you understand
I don’t need saving
Just a friendly hand


TGIF !!!!

One more doctor appointment this morning for the eldest and that will be seven for her two for me this week.

Good news is they confirmed the eldest dislocated her knee ten weeks ago turning around on her bed and the muscles are looking healthy still need more work but healthy non the less :/

Bad news is they have healed wonky so are pushing the knee cap over and that’s what’s causing the extended pain and mobility issues.

Good news is there’s a solve it operation she can have and they are seeing her next week to arrange it.

I know people complain all the time about the nhs and it’s not perfect but I really wouldn’t know what I would have done without all those wonderful doctors and nurses this week. They restored my dwindling faith in professionals this week, they collectively spent time and listened and most of all understood that the last three months have been really awful for her and the schools total lack of disability inclusion is affecting her mental health which in turn is affecting her physical health round and round we go…. So next week I tackle the schools attitude and lack of inclusion armed with the support of health professionals I am really hoping together this will allow her to complete her as. Level exams in May and then we can transition into a better environment.

It may not seem much but as a parent of children with several ‘invisible’ disabilities I really appreciate any positive encouragement and support from professionals because it’s rare not to feel blamed or judged by them. Leicester royal infirmary children’s and adults honestly have been wonderful 🙂