TGIF !!!!

One more doctor appointment this morning for the eldest and that will be seven for her two for me this week.

Good news is they confirmed the eldest dislocated her knee ten weeks ago turning around on her bed and the muscles are looking healthy still need more work but healthy non the less :/

Bad news is they have healed wonky so are pushing the knee cap over and that’s what’s causing the extended pain and mobility issues.

Good news is there’s a solve it operation she can have and they are seeing her next week to arrange it.

I know people complain all the time about the nhs and it’s not perfect but I really wouldn’t know what I would have done without all those wonderful doctors and nurses this week. They restored my dwindling faith in professionals this week, they collectively spent time and listened and most of all understood that the last three months have been really awful for her and the schools total lack of disability inclusion is affecting her mental health which in turn is affecting her physical health round and round we go…. So next week I tackle the schools attitude and lack of inclusion armed with the support of health professionals I am really hoping together this will allow her to complete her as. Level exams in May and then we can transition into a better environment.

It may not seem much but as a parent of children with several ‘invisible’ disabilities I really appreciate any positive encouragement and support from professionals because it’s rare not to feel blamed or judged by them. Leicester royal infirmary children’s and adults honestly have been wonderful 🙂



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