Wish them merde

Lovely idea 🙂

Adult Beginner

I made some cards!
Appropriate for all good-luck-wishing purposes for dancers and for non-dancers-who-might-have-a-vague-familiarity-with-French alike.
You can get them right here from redbubble.





I think bobby pins is my favorite. Or maybe aspirin.
Collect all five!

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Considering the dojo

Or more likely terrified by it !

I miss it but honestly can think how to manage the bag holding and press ups when the combination tore my muscle and it’s taken 18 mins to recover nearly all the use back!

Suggestions welcomed….

Whilst thinking, following and watching….

My bestie a black belt in another discipline found this blocking break down ….


Expressions of PosAutivity #AutismPositivity2014

Considering a post that’s suitable

Thirty Days of Autism

So excited to announce…

(insert drumroll)

The Third Annual Autism Positivity Flashblog on April 30th, 2014!!

Join us in honouring diverse forms of communication and in celebrating Autism Acceptance and we will once again flood Google with positive messages about Autism. 

“Expressions of PosAutivity: #AutismPositivity2014″

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 6.45.04 PMExpressions of PosAutivity is intended to be a celebration of the multiple and varied ways to express experience or convey ideas. This year we hope to highlight the importance of flexibility in communication within our diverse community and honour multiple forms of personal expression, from the written word, to art, to photography, or a video (as a link), or…

We invite you to explore, share, and celebrate your moments, stories, or images of courage, strength,  and/or positive identity and pride in a way that speaks to you and rails against stigma. Express something PosAutive about autism, about being Autistic, or about the Autistic person/people…

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Today is visual d day

The iritis has calmed

I don’t need to live in a dark cave

Or take up vampiring as a trade

I can go buy new glasses as


The creepy swelling inside my eye has settled and I can buy new glasses 🙂

I am barred from contact lenses and need to see the rhemny people and will get an ear bashing if I leave it three weeks till I get help !

But I can get new glasses and stop putting eye drops in 🙂

Alittle excited…..

No a lot 🙂

Questioning tolerance, acceptance or conditioning?

You know when you talk to people, of any generation and you recognise they are never going to understand your world or tolerate it’s coping mechanisms, but you try to be polite and give them the tolerance and acceptance you hope for, even if you know it’s a losing battle, you carry on.

Why do we do that.

I don’t have patience anymore for it.
But still I try. Be it for loved ones, relatives or friends.

I hate the social boundaries that allow bad attitude or bullying behaviour to progress.

Yet surely at some point, we have all sat there and heard older or other members of our circle be down right vile and either been stunned, conditioned or accepting.

Must not rock the boat….

Three times this Easter holidays I have controlled my impulsive nature and not reacted, part of that being, a conditioned response, another being I truly believe these people are gas lighters, they’ll excuse their behaviour behind – your being over sensitive, don’t be daft you know this is they way we do things, or say it’s there age.

I wonder why as adults we excuse this ?

We know it makes us feel awful, let alone the effect on our children, we question ourselves, but still sit there making polite conversation trying to avoid subjects you know you won’t cope with silence.

Don’t get me wrong, I have bitten before, I do bite, but I realise that’s the fun for a gas lighter seeing the hurt or frustration is amusing :/
So I try to keep quiet

But that’s wrong !


No one, no matter what reason has the right to be purposefully demoralise others, shouldn’t that mean they get called into question!

Even though you know they won’t change…

Is it cowardice or safeguarding ?

Maybe a little of it all….

No one wants to be THAT person that disagrees, causes a scene, not because you don’t believe in what you think but because realistically you’ll be THAT person that caused a scene and no one else had the balls to back you up!

I suppose in the end it’s up to the individual to as my good friend puts it

be a shepherd not a sheep